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Calming Room

Let's take care
of each other

This Virtual Calming Room is a place for students, families and staff to find tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings and building our resilience during this pandemic

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Dr. Freda Rossi
Director of Wellness & Inclusion

Shannon Houston Scott

Director of Student Support Services

District McKinney-Vento, Foster, Title IX, and CIF compliance Liaison

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Student Wellness Specialists

Detra Young
Adolfo Camarillo High School
Email: Detra.young@oxnardunion.org

Christine Bruggman
Adolfo Camarillo High School
Email: christine.bruggman@oxnardunion.org

Ivan Kozin
Channel Islands
Email: ivan.kozin@oxnardunion.org

Kimberly Pilpil
Channels Islands
Email: kimberly.pilpil@oxnardunion.org

Elizabeth Tobias
Condor High School
Email: elizabeth.tobias@oxnardunion.org

Monica Robles
Frontier High School
Email: monica.robles@oxnardunion.org

Sara Bustamante
Hueneme High School
Email: sara.bustamante@oxnardunion.org

Chari Farias
Hueneme High School
Email: chari.farias@oxnardunion.org

Judith Isaac
Oxnard High School
Email: judith.isaac@oxnardunion.org

Stephanie Almstrom
Oxnard High School
Email: stephanie.almstrom@oxnardunion.org

Melody Rodriguez
Oxnard Middle College High School
Email: melody.rodriguez@oxnardunion.org

Ester Dominguez
Pacifica High School
Email: ester.dominguez@oxnardunion.org

Paloma Murillo
Pacifica High School
Email: paloma.murillo@oxnardunion.org

Caroline Gonella
Rancho Campana High School
Email: caroline.gonella@oxnardunion.org

Rafael Cahue
Rancho Campana
Email: rafael.cahue@oxnardunion.org

Noemi Tomasetti
Rio Mesa High School
Email: noemi.tomasetti@oxnardunion.org

Jorge Castillo
Rio Mesa High School
Email: jorge.castillo@oxnardunion.org

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