Special Education

The Oxnard Union High School District serves approximately 1,900 students with special needs through a variety of programs. These programs are, for the most part, offered at the students’ neighborhood schools.

Standards Based Education

Students who are eligible for special education services in California Public Schools are required to meet the same standards for graduation as their peers to receive a high school diploma.

Students with moderate to severe disabilities working on a functional skills curriculum will receive a Certificate of Achievement. Upon earning their Certificate of Achievement they are eligible to attend our Adult Transition Program until the age of 22.

Transition Partnership Program (TPP)

The Transition Partnership Program works in conjunction with the Department of Rehabilitation and helps students learn the skills necessary to transition from school to work. To learn more about the TPP program please click the following link.  TPP Program


Dr. Victoria M. Ruffin
Director of Special Education

Telephone: 805-385-2829

Felna Cervantes
Director’s Administrative Support
Telephone: 805-385-2829

Dr. Darlene Garcia
Special Education Coordinator
Telephone: 805-389-6491

Ember Waage
District Psychologist/NPS Case Manager
Telephone: 805-834-1496

Andrea Payne
District Psychologist/NPS Case Manager
Telephone: 805-385-2608

Michael VanAuker
Behavior Intervention Specialist

Program Specialists

Earl Carter
Program Specialist
Telephone: 805-385-5858

Catalina Espinoza
Program Specialist
Telephones: 805-385-5879

Sue McDonald
Program Specialist
Telephone: 805-278-1238

Dr. Liana Lucey
Program Specialist
Telephone: 805-278-3058