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How Do I Unsubscribe? I'm Not a Parent!

Sometimes, non-parents get messages from a school using ParentSquare.

  • ParentSquare synchronizes with each school’s internal student information database. It contains contact details submitted by families (on forms, during enrollment, etc.)
  • Most likely, a parent or staff member made a typo, and there is incorrect contact data for a parent or student that matches an actual phone number or email belonging to someone else.
  • Only the school or district is authorized to update contact details to maintain security and protect student privacy.

What to Do:

  • To unsubscribe from text, text STOP to the number sending you the texts. You can also click to unsubscribe from emails.
    However, the school or district will still have you in their system and include you in urgent notifications through ParentSquare.
  • To stop receiving all notifications, please contact the school/district that is sending you messages to have them remove your contact details from their database.