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How do I sign up for ParentSquare?

Your child’s school will most likely send you an invitation email or text to join ParentSquare, and you’ll click a link to activate your account. If you are a parent and the school’s database (SIS) contains your contact details, you can use your email or phone number to set up your account without the invitation.


What to do:


  1. Find the email from your school and click to get started, or:
  2. Go to (or install the ParentSquare app) and follow the prompts to sign up.
  3. Use Google single sign-on, your email, or your phone number to set up your account. Your email/phone number must match contact details in the school’s database for this to work!
  4. If your contact details aren’t recognized, contact your school administrator to get them addedAfter they update your information in their database, the new contact details will appear in ParentSquare after the next daily sync, and you will be able to create an account.

Note: After you are added to ParentSquare by your school, you will receive school communications even if you have not registered your account. However, you will need to register your account in order to participate in two-way communications and to access any confidential student-specific documents or forms.