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Help! I can't login!

Here is some help for two common login problems:

  • Your login no longer works and you cannot reset your password.
  • You are trying to register but can’t – your email or phone number isn’t recognized.


What You Need to Know:

Probably your contact details are not showing in the school database. ParentSquare synchronizes with school’s internal student information database, containing details provided by families (on forms, during enrollment, etc.). ParentSquare accounts sync with school data to make sure only actual parents and guardians are registered and student privacy is maintained.

This can happen at the beginning of the school year or if your student changes schools. Schools update their student data every year – sometimes existing parents will be affected, and sometimes it will take a while before new parents are added.


What to do:

  1. Ask the school’s database administrator for help! Confirm that you are in the school’s database and that your contact details match your ParentSquare account.
  2. If the teacher or staff don’t know what to do, ask them to find the right person who can help you at the school or district. Every district has someone who looks after the student information system and manages ParentSquare for the organization! There will be someone who can look up your records and correct the information.
  3. Once the school updates your contact details, in most cases we automatically synchronize once per day, so the change should be reflected within 24 hours or the next working day.
  4. If you still have problems, the next step would for the school administrator to raise a ticket with our helpdesk with the background and as much details as possible!