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Return To School With An Injury

Returning To School With Orthopedic Injury Or Crutches: 

Please have your child’s doctor complete the readmission to school form (forma de readmisión escolar) and deliver it to the health office on your child’s first day back. 

Navigating The Campus With An Injury Or Crutches:  

Please be sure your child is ready to navigate the campus upon their return to school.  Discuss the timing of your child’s return with their doctor. Upon returning to school, your child may have access to accommodations, such as extra time to pass between classes, being dismissed from class a few minutes before the final bell to start walking to the next class, and/or an extra set of textbooks for the home as needed.

Returning To School After A Concussion: 

Please ask your doctor to complete the return to school after concussion form.  Deliver it to the health office on your child’s first day back following the injury.  If classroom accommodations are ordered, the school nurse will communicate with your child’s teacher via email.  Please keep the school nurse updated as to the progress of your child’s healing from concussion and accommodations ordered.