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Immunization Requirements

Visit Shots for Schools for more information on immunization requirements.

Children Entering 7th Through 12th Grade Must Have The Following Vaccinations:

  • 4 Polio (three doses of Polio vaccine meet the requirement if one dose was given on or after the 4th birthday).
  • 5 DTaP (four doses of DTaP meet the requirement if at least one dose was given on or after the 4th birthday.  Three doses meet the requirement if at least one dose of Tdap, DTaP or DTP was given on or after the 7th birthday {also meets the 7th-12 grade Tdap requirement}.  One or two doses of the Td vaccine given on or after the 7th birthday count towards the K-12 requirement).
  • 3 Hep B
  • 2 MMR (only doses administered on or after the 1st birthday meet the requirement).
  • 2 Varicella (a "history of chickenpox" does not exempt your child from this requirement.)
  • 1 Tdap booster shot given on or after the 7th birthday.

Conditional Admission

  • Your child may be admitted on a “conditional” basis if they have commenced receiving doses of all the vaccines required above and are not currently due for any doses at the time of admission.  Your child will still be required to receive the doses when they are due.
  • Or, your child may be conditionally admitted if they have received a temporary medical exemption from their doctor for all or some of the required immunizations.  An exemption through CAIR-ME is required.  

Medical Exemptions

Starting January 1, 2021:

  • Medical exemptions can only be issued through the California Immunization Registry – Medical Exemption website (CAIR-ME) by physicians licensed in California.
  • Schools and child care facilities may only accept new medical exemptions that are issued using CAIR-ME.
  • For more information, visit the CAIR-ME website.

For further information and frequently asked questions, go to Shots for School.