Be the Change

Students are cleaning the riverside.

Last school year students at Hueneme High School in the Go Green Club completed the first ever waste audit at Hueneme High School that showed 28% of the 700 pounds of trash throw away every day could be recycled (Half of the 28% was glass, plastic, and aluminum). To promote our project we held an […]

Finding a place for e-waste

Electronic recycling flier.

In the computer age, it’s easy to plug in, log on and download. But it’s not so easy to unplug and discard electronic devices once they’ve become obsolete. This weekend, however, it’ll be a cinch to recycle electronic waste and raise money for Adolfo Camarillo High School. The school’s Naturally Green club will host a […]

Student helps Cam High go green

People are posing for photo.

Environmentally conscious Adolfo Camarillo High School 2010 graduating senior, Stephanie Garcia noticed that the school was recycling cans and bottles but not paper. Although shy, Stephanie was determined and set a goal to recycle paper as well as to educate fellow students of their impact on the environment. Initially underestimating the amount of work involved, […]

Hueneme High holds recycling event

People give high five.

Fresh-picked, organically grown carrots were preferred 6-1 over the store-bought variety by Hueneme High School students in a taste test Thursday that was part of a recycling event. “Not bad at all,” said Erynn Smith of the Join the Farm cooperative, which provided the organic carrots for the taste test. At the Green Audit Team’s […]