Living as an American for a year

Boys are studying.Imagine leaving the comforts of your native culture to spend a year in an entirely unfamiliar country. Seven Cam High students from all over Europe have taken on that very challenging journey: experiencing a new world, improving their English, and sacrificing a year of schooling which will be made up when they return. Here is [...]

Mom, teen say ‘oui’ to new adventures

People are posing for photo.

DeLayni Millar and her mom, Lynda, will experience their first taste of international culture and the French language this fall—but in separate countries. DeLayni, a 16-year-old Rio Mesa High School student, will attend school for a year in Belgium while her mom looks after a French exchange student who will attend Adolfo Camarillo High School. […]

Sabrina Tabassum finds her life’s path abroad

Sabrina Tabassum, headshot.

Last fall Sabrina Tabassum was a foreign exchange student from Bangladesh who arrived at Oxnard High on the first day of school not knowing a single soul on the 3,000-student campus. So, she joined the school’s Air Force Junior ROTC as a way of earning a credit but also as a means of meeting people […]

California Livin’

Rumiya Ismatova is smiling.

Many high school students are looking forward to summer, but 18-year-old Rumiya Ismatova has bittersweet feelings about the end of the school year at Adolfo Camarillo High School. Rumiya is from Khorog, a small city in the southwest region of Tajikistan, a Central Asian country which borders Afghanistan and China. She was one of 46 […]

Giulia Ortolani

Giulia is smiling.

As I’m sure the school has begun to notice, Rio Mesa High School has recently been visited by multiple foreign exchange students from all over the world. One student in particular, Giulia Ortolani , stands out above the rest. Giulia is a senior from Italy and although she is only staying In America for a […]

Visitors From Afar

German GAPP students.

The air was cold and brisk Thursday night at the front of Cam High as twenty GAPP students eagerly waited for the cars carrying their partners to arrive. Cheers rebounded in the quiet night as the first Germans, exhausted and delirious from the twelve hour flight, stepped out of their cars from LAX. The Germans […]