PHS Teacher, Mrs. Winters, wins IMPACT II grant from VCOE and AMGEN

Woman stands next to amgen foundation stand.

Mrs. Winters summarizes her acclaimed lesson plan: This unit was developed for my culinary chemistry class for 34 students very interested in food. My challenge was to teach them chemistry from the perspective of food. I really had to change the way I thought as a teacher and instead of teaching chemistry and integrating a […]

Pacifica and NASA

Winter Diane, headshot.

Students in Ms. Diane Winter’s chemistry class at Pacifica High School in Oxnard, California conducted one Filtration: No Dirt, No Germs experiment before participating in a live webinar. During the webcast, ACS and NASA scientists at Johnson Space Center performed the same experiment and discussed how it relates to water purification on earth and on […]

Pacifica students chat with NASA scientists

  Science students at Pacifica High School in Oxnard chatted Thursday with NASA scientists and representatives of the International Space Station via the Internet.  Pacifica, one of three schools nationwide selected to participate in NASA’s Digital Learning Network webcast, was chosen because students participated in the American Chemical Society’s International Year of Chemistry Global Water […]