IB Chemistry Students visit Chip Camp at UCSB

People are posing for photo.

September 4 and September 5 two separate groups of the IB Chemistry Students went to Chip Camp at UCSB (56 students total). Students had the opportunity to make their own micro chips in the teaching clean room at UCSB. The students were split into groups, and each group conducted their own experiment testing variables of […]

Pacific’s Chemistry Club hosts 4th graders

Girls are having slime.

Thanks to a very generous grant from the American Chemical Society, Pacifica High School was able to host a science day for 104 Brekke students in the fourth grade. The students were here for about 4 hours and rotated through labs such as Dry Ice, Ice Cream, and slime. At the end of the day […]

Three Rio Mesa students qualify for next round of National Chemistry Olympiad

Students' headshots.

Geno Arthur, Samantha Pinsak, and Christal Greenlaw have qualified for the next round of the National Chemistry Olympiad. and are invited to take the National Exam at Westmont College on Saturday, April 21. Only 900- 1,000 students in the entire United States are chose to sit for the 3-part national exam. No more than two […]