Cam High Marching Goes to Champs… Twice

Adolfo Camarillo High School Logo.

Like every year, Cam High’s marching band has had the opportunity to showcase their talent and skill to different schools and competitions. Marching band competitions are events where high school marching bands are able to perform their music in choreographed marches, and many of these performances will include themes or interpretations of the music chosen […]

Rodriguez Leads Band in New Directions

Students are posing for photo.

Each year in band, there is a new leader, a new captain. The drum major is the top of the student leadership, guiding and helping the students and doing what needs to be done to make the band the best it can be. This year, Carlos Rodriguez, senior, has been chosen as the new drum […]

New Drum Major

Carlos Rodriguez, headshot.

Anyone who goes to football games or rallies always see that one person who stands in front of the band, waving their arms at them, yelling commands, and directs them on to the football field or in to the gym. That one person is the drum major, and every year, a new one must be […]