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RFQ/P 631 Pre-Construction & Construction Services for New Del Sol High School

This is a Lease LeaseBack project, once the contractor is selected the contractor will requests bids. There will be no actual electrical bid package directly presented by the district for this project. The general contractor should be selected on or near 10/28/2020.  

Yes a part of the prime package, once the prime is selected they will be posted on the district’s website. Subs will also be required to be pre-qualified by the district for their scope.

The Contractors in a Joint Venture would both had to be at the mandatory walk or acknowledged at walk as a representative for both firms. But more important is the Joint Venture contractors would be required to provide experience as a team meeting all requirements noted within the RFQ/P which includes Financial Capability, Project Experience, Pre-qualifications and all other noted requirements within the RFQ/P. The scoring process without any of the noted would eliminate the Joint Venture team from participating. Both Contractor’s would be required to be Pre-Qualified prior to submittal of proposal. If Joint Venture meets all the required, the Joint Venture may participate.