Bid Documents

Question: Would you have time for a demo of our product?

Answer: We aren’t allowing any demos during the RFP process but require you provide information about your product in the RFP response. Please follow guidelines in Section 11 Requests for Substitution. 11. Requests for Substitution Bidder may, unless otherwise stated, offer any material, process, article, etc., which shall be materially equal or better in every respect to that so indicated or specified (Specified Item) and will completely accomplish the purpose of the Contract Document. If bidder desires to offer a substitution for a Specified Item, such bidder must make a request in writing on District’s Substitution Request form (Request Form) and submit the completed Request Form with their bid. The Request Form must be accompanied by evidence as to whether the proposed substitution: a. Is equal in quality service ability to the Specified Item; b. Will entail no changes in detail, construction and scheduling of related work; c. Will be acceptable in consideration of the required design and artistic effect; d. Will provide no cost disadvantage to District; e. Will require no excessive or more expensive maintenance, including adequacy and availability of replacement parts; and f. Will require no change of the construction schedule.

Question: I was hoping you could shed some more insight on the above referenced 470. Is this a partial or full upgrade of your wireless network? Are there any specific features or functionality you were looking for?


This is a full upgrade.  The RFP outlines what we’re looking for – basically high capacity / high density wireless networking with easy configuration, monitoring and management from a single, user friendly console.

Question: Is their a specific location on campus where everybody will meet to start the job walk?

Answer: The front of the school near lobby.

Question RFI 1: How many access points are indoor or outdoor?

Answer to RFI 1:

Quantities per site have been listed in the RFP. Of the quantities listed in the RFP, the following are OUTDOOR.


ACHS = 3

Adult Ed = 0

CIHS = 5

FHS = 0

HHS = 6

OHS = 3

PHS = 5

RCHS = 4

RMHS = 1

DO = 0

Question RFI 2: (REMOVED - DISREGARD RFI) How many new locations will you be adding at each site?

Answer RFI 2:

Of the quantities listed in the RFP, the following are NEW LOCATIONS that would require new wiring:


ACHS = 1

Adult Ed = 0

CIHS = 1

FHS = 2

HHS = 2

OHS = 3

PHS = 1

RCHS = 0

RMHS = 4

DO = 0

Question RFI 3: Will the District be requesting new patch panels for the new runs or terminating new runs on to existing patch panels?

Answer RFI 3: Access Points should not need new patch panels as they will be using existing CAT-6 cabling.

Question RFI 4: RFP states system must be a controller-less architecture environment but the 470 is asking for a Wireless controller. Can you please confirm which we should quote?

Answer RFI 4: The expectation is that the management and control of the AP’s will be via a cloud-based controller or single physical appliance that can control all district access points, rather than having discreet controller appliances at each site.

UPDATE: The District is hereby removing RFI 2 and will NOT be adding any new Wireless Access Points or cabling. All WAP’s that are listed in the RFP, whether indoor or outdoor, are existing WAP’s that will be replaced with a new WAP through this RFP process. Again, no new cabling should be needed and no new locations will be added.

Question RFI 5: Since our proposal is dependent on the answers posted from the RFI questions, will the due date of the RFP be extended now that the RFI deadline has been extended?

ANSWER: The District does not intend to extend the RFP due date. The District will make every effort to respond to RFI’s as quickly as possible and may be able to have them answered by end of business day February 2, 2018.

Question RFI 6: Is the requirement for 2 Ethernet ports a mandatory requirement, or desired feature? Please note RFP calls out Dual Ethernet ports for backup connectivity, is PoE a requirement on both ports?

ANSWER: Only a single Ethernet port is needed for each switch. There is no need for two PoE connections, just one (1).

Question RFI 7: Please note the classroom management features listed in the RFP were formerly a unique feature of a wireless manufacturer, however, that feature was discontinued in summer 2017 with no replacement offering. Are these features still a requirement of the RFP?

ANSWER: The District will not need this feature.

Question RFI 8: There is a request for substitution section and form but we do not see a specific brand or model requested for the AP’s. Is there a specific brand or model that you are looking for? Or do the AP’s just need to meet the specifications outlined in RFP #563?

ANSWER: The District in not looking for a specific brand or model but ask that proposers meet or exceed the specifications outlined in the RFP. Proposers should provide information regarding successful installations at schools/districts with the brand or model they are proposing.

Question RFI 9: The RFP does not specify the specs needed for the indoor or model vs the outdoor model (antennas, weatherproofing, etc.). Will these be added as an addendum?


The District is not looking for a specific brand or model but asks that proposers meet or exceed the specifications outlined in the RFP on page 9, Wireless Access Points Specifications. Respondents should propose equipment that is manufactured for indoor environments for the quantities needed indoors and provide equipment that is manufactured for outdoor environments for those quantities needed outdoors. Contractors are to provide antennas and manage antenna placement based on their experience installing such systems. Prior to the start of the project, the awarded contractor will be required to go on a thorough walk through of each school site to familiarize themselves with the details of each campus. It is anticipated that existing equipment will be removed and new equipment will be installed in its place and that no new configurations will need to be made. Antenna placements would remain the same as the current placements.

Question RFI 10: How many months or years would you like the Maintenance services term to be?


Per the Project Background section on page 8, the District requests a maintenance contract for a period of two (2) years with, by mutual consent, the ability to add on in 1-year increments up to no more than a total of five (5) years. Respondents are reminded to provide any agreement they will require to be executed for these ongoing maintenance services.

Question RFI 11: What is the environment like? (T-Bar?, Hard-Lid?, Mixed? Which sites have T-Bar vs. Hard Lid?)

ANSWER: The ceilings are mixed. Most older school sites have 1-foot square ceiling panels. Newer sites have mostly T-Bar ceilings. There is a small amount of cathedral ceilings.


Question RFI 12: Will the District be issuing plans for the project?


The District does not intend to issue plans. Prior to the start of the project, the awarded contractor will be required to go on a thorough walk through of each school site to familiarize themselves with the details of each campus. It is anticipated that existing equipment will be removed and new equipment will be installed in its place and that no new configurations will need to be made, thus not requiring detailed plans.



Question RFI 13: Will the District be needing any additional cabling to support these WAP locations? If so, will cable be overhead? Will pathway be existing?

ANSWER: The District does not anticipate needing additional cabling unless it is found that an existing cable is no longer working. Current cables are overhead and pathways are existing.




Question RFI 14: Regarding language at top of page 10 that states, “Contain ability to route Apple bonjour traffic between VLANs (i.e. connect iPad on student VLAN1 to AppleTV on teacher VLAN2). System should have automatic or dedicated mesh back up.” Is this is a necessary part of the system? Also, this is being interpreted that all teachers will be using the admin portal. Is that what was intended?

ANSWER: Lack of this feature will not preclude consideration for the project. Lack of built-in classroom controls will not preclude consideration for the project either.


Question RFI 15: What type of cabling will the District need? Plenum rated? Riser rated? OSP? Or indoor/outdoor rated?


Cabling must be consistent with the application (example: outdoor access points will require outdoor-rated cable, cabling through dropped ceilings will require plenum-rated cable, etc.)



Question RFI 16: Will the District provide a summer schedule time line for each school? Also, will you specify what times will the District allow access to the campus for installation?


The District is not releasing a summer schedule or campus hours for this project at this time as funding has not been approved. Once funding is approved, the District will work with the awarded contractor on a specific schedule. For general information on the District calendar, please see page 10 of the RPF which states, The District is in session from 7:30am – 3:30pm, Monday through Friday. The District does run a summer school program at all school sites. The District calendar is available on the OUHSD website located at:




Question RFI 17: I don’t see where there are new or old cabling requirements in the RFP. No new WAPs, correct? – No new Cabling, correct? …or am I missing a new addition?


There are no new locations of Wireless Access Points in the RFP or cabling called out in the RFP.

If there was an issue with any existing cabling due to defect, damage, etc. and a contractor needed to provide a replacement, we simply wanted to answer the question related to types of cabling requirements we may have in place now. Ultimately, the contractor should determine the rating for any cable needs during the installs if any new cabling was needed.



Question RFI 18: Does the District have a scissor lift available for contractors to use?

ANSWER: The District cannot guarantee a scissor lift will be available for use so it is suggested that contractors plan to use their own scissor lift, if needed, on this project.




Question RFI 19: After reviewing the RFP and the most recent RFI Responses we have a few more questions we need answered so we can provided you with our best possible bid: Can you please clarify how many total WAP’s you need per site, Indoor and Outdoor? Per the RFP the following WAPS are required: ACHS 210, Adult Ed (both locations) 40, CIHS 155, FHS 40, HHS 140, OHS 145, PHS 140, RCHS 125, RMHS 140, District Office 30. Are counts above Indoor Only? Quantity above still correct after RFI’s? Per the RFI the following Outdoor WAPS are required: ACHS = 3, Adult Ed = 0, CIHS = 5, FHS = 0, HHS = 6, OHS = 3, PHS = 5, RCHS = 4, RMHS = 1, DO = 0. Is the above counts separate of those in the RFP or should they be subtracted from the counts in the RFP for outdoor and the rest is indoor? We know from the RFI no new location WAPs are needed (which were ACHS 1, Adult Ed 0, CIHS 1, FHS 2, HHS 2, OHS 3, PHS 1, RCHS 0, RMHS 4, DO 0). Does the above affect the Counts listed in the RFP?


So, of the quantities listed for each site, some are outdoor (per list in RFI 1). There is no change in total quantities from the original list provided at the top of page 13. The outdoor quantity listed should NOT be added to the total quantity, but are already included. The new WAP’s originally answered in RFI 2 (then removed), does not affect or change the total quantity listed at the top of page 13. There will be no new WAP’s and no quantity change from recalling that list. The quantity listed at the top of page 13 is still accurate.



Question RFI 20: The map’s do not show how high the outdoor AP’s are, if they are on poles or on the side of the buildings. Also how high are the gymnasium AP’s and are they mounted in the ceiling or on the walls?


Depending on the site, the height of outdoor mounted APs ranges from a single story height to a two-story height.  Most (if not all) of the APs are mounted on the sides of buildings as opposed to poles.  Some gyms (and performing arts centers) APs are mounted on ceilings and some are mounted on walls.  In either case, it’s likely that the installation will require a scissor lift.




Question RFI 21: Will Oxnard Union require the Wireless Manufacturers Professional Services team to have a DIR registration number for these people to provide any type of services on this project for the contractor. Will the contractor be required to list them as a sub-contractor?


Please consult with the DIR regarding any prevailing wage or DIR requirements on this project. It is anticipated that the District will need to create a DIR project number for this work.

The contractor will need to follow Public Contract Code Chapter 4. Subletting and Subcontracting. Section (a)(1) states, “that any person making a bid or offer to perform the work, shall, in his or her bid or offer, set forth: The name, the location of the place of business, the California contractor license number, and public works contractor registration number issued pursuant to Section 1725.5 of the Labor Code of each subcontractor who will perform work or labor or render service to the prime contractor in or about the construction of the work or improvement, or a subcontractor licensed by the State of California who, under subcontract to the prime contractor, specially fabricates and installs a portion of the work or improvement according to detailed drawings contained in the plans and specifications, in an amount in excess of one-half of 1 percent of the prime contractor’s total bid or, in the case of bids or offers for the construction of streets or highways, including bridges, in excess of one-half of 1 percent of the prime contractor’s total bid or ten thousand dollars ($10,000), whichever is greater.




REMINDER: RFI Deadline is 2/1/18 @ 2:00 p.m.