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Bid 633 New HVAC Modernization – Channel Islands High School

Note 3 on sheet A1.06 shall be omitted. The piping is going overhead eliminating the need for any 4” thick concrete paving.

Phases 1, 2, & 4 shall be broken into A & B, but still needs to be completed within the duration specified in phasing plan & schedule.

Phase 3 falls during summer, and needs to be completed within the duration specified in phasing plan & schedule.

 It is the contractor responsibility to replace any finishes removed. The contractor is responsible to remove any hazardous materials encountered during the demolition, scope and placement of new finishes and materials. Floor tiles and mastic are not included in scope of work.

hanges to Drawings:



Accessible components required to comply with 2019 CBC were added, including but not limited to; accessible drop-off and loading zone, directional signage, and restrooms.

Ceiling soffits at Classroom Building B, C, and D were revised from 7’-3” to 7’-6” AFF. Access door sizes were revised accordingly.

Additional tactile signage was provided at Classroom Building B and C.

Louvers were added to doors at Buildings E, F, H, J and P.

Additional information provided to Switchgear Building L.

Revisions to Gymnasium Building Q due to mechanical duct layout change.

Changes to restroom ADA upgrades and additional information provided.

Window frame profiles and flashing details revised.



Shearwall detail 2/SB-201 was revised to show new connection.



MFG-202D:  Updated background.  Minor.

MFG-202:  Updated background.  Minor.

MQ-202:  Revised supply and return ducting into building.

MQ-203:  Revised supply and return ducting into building.

MQ-401:  Revised supply and return ducting into building.

M-611:  Revised all details.



P-001:  Added WC-4, and WHA-1.  Revised FS-1 nomenclature.  Changed RP-1 manufacturer.  Added waste & vent for restrooms on Plumbing Pipe & Fitting Schedule.

P-003:  Added detail 8.

PFG-202D:  Added enlarged plan 3, and Restroom Demolition Keynotes for work at G02.

PFG-202:  Added enlarged plan 3, and Restroom Reconstruction Keynotes for work at G02.

PQ-202:  Revised Construction Note #8.  Removed floor sink and vent for 50 ton and provided an air gap.



E-100:  Added note #49.  Revised Power Symbols list.

E-108A:  Revised detail 2.

E-109D:  Revised graphical error on upper left.

EFG-202D:  Revised restroom background. 

EFG-202:  Revised restroom background.  Added Keynotes 8 & 9. 

EH-201D:  Showed existing lights in Lumber Storage to be removed.

EH-201:  Added exterior emergency lighting on north, east, southwest and south sides of building.  Added Key Note 13.

EH-204B1:  Added exterior emergency lighting and revised photometrics per EH-201.

EH-204B2:  Added exterior emergency lighting and revised photometrics per EH-201.

ENP-202:  Added Keynote 9.


Fire Alarm:  Due to recent FLS comments on the V2 set, approximately 100 rooms across all the buildings we’re working on got FA devices added.  Nearly all Fire Alarm drawings were revised.

FA-101:  FA Symbols list and Applicable Codes revised.

FA-102:  Added devices.

FA-103:  Added devices.

FA-104:  Updated calculations.

FA-105:  Updated calculations.

FAB-301:  Added devices.

FAB-302:  Added devices.

FAC-301:  Added devices.

FAC-302:  Added devices.

FAD-301:  Added devices.

FAE-301:  Added devices.

FAFG-301D:  Revised restroom background.

FAFG-301:  Added devices.

FAH-301:  Added devices.

FAJK-301:  Added devices.

FANP-302:  Added devices.

FAQ-302:  Added devices.


Changes to Specifications:


The following sections were added:

07 27 29 Liquid Applied Rough Opening Flashing Membrane

31 20 00 Earthwork

32 12 16 Bituminous Surfacing

32 12 36 Seal For Bituminous Surfacing

32 13 15 Pavement Marking


The following section was revised:

22 42 00 Plumbing Fixtures


No sections were omitted