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Bid 605 Stadium Site Work ACHS, HHS, PHS

Do you happen to have a value for this project ?
Project value, per site, is as follows:
  • ACHS     $2.65 million
  • HHS        $1.98 million
  • PHS        $2.46 million
When will the project plans and additional specification sections be posted to the District website?

The plans and drawings will be available the day of the mandatory job walk, October 7, 2019 at 10:00 a.m., starting at Hueneme High School, 500 W. Bard Road, Oxnard. 

Is bid separate by site?

The Bid Form requires a combined base bid amount. 

We noticed that the pre-bid will be held at one of these schools - Hueneme High - and wondered if it would be possible to obtain access to view/photograph the other two sites at Adolfo Camarillo and Pacifica Highs that same day.

The plan is to begin the walk at HHS and then go to PHS and then ACHS on the same day.

All contractors will have access to all sites within the bid on the day of the mandatory job walk. 

Are we allowed to use our core employees based on the ratio of core employees vs. union employees? Reason for the question is our core employees do not reside in Oxnard Unified District Zip Codes they live in San Diego, Riverside and Orange County. If we are not allowed to use our Core employees then it would be all union labor with no experience in track and field building.

In accordance with the Oxnard Union High School District’s Project Labor Agreement, Article 9, Section 9.5.2, a Core Employee is defined as follows, “…employees whose names appeared on the Contractor’s active payroll for sixty (60) of the one hundred (100) working days immediately before award of Project Work to the Contractor, who possesses any license required by state or federal law for the Project Work to be performed, who have the ability to safely perform the basic functions of the applicable trade, who have worked at least two-thousand (2,000) hours in the construction craft which they are employed, during the prior four (4) years; and who are Local Residents.”

Local Residents are defined in OUHSD’s PLA Article 9, Section 9.3.1 as those workers residing first, in those first tier zip codes which overlap the District Service area, as well as Eligible Veterans, and successful graduates of MC3 apprenticeship readiness programs approved by the council, regardless of where they reside. Second, residing within a ten (10) mile radius of the District’s headquarters. Third, residing within the remainder of the county of Ventura.

If a non-union contractor’s core employee does not meet all the core employee requirements as defined above, they cannot work on this PLA covered project and the contractor would need to pull its workforce from the appropriate union hall.

Is it possible for the general contractors to receive a listing of all the prequalified subcontractors for Oxnard Union HSD?

Yes, they are listed on our website  https://www.oxnardunion.org/purchasing-warehousing/ and can be found by clicking on the link in the blue box at the bottom of the page.

Are there mandatory or aspirational D/M/W/BE goals on this project?

Yes, there are DVBE goals, or a good faith effort to solicit DVBE participation. 

The document labeled Division 01 – PHS – General Requirements contains the text for Division 01 – HHS General Requirements. Please provide text for PHS.

Addenda have been posted at the District website to address Division 01 documents.

Is there a self-performance requirement for the General Contractor to perform a certain percentage of work under this bid? (In other words, is there a limited percent of the bid that can be performed by subcontractors, with a designated percent that would need to be completed by the bidder/GC)

See bid document, #12, Instruction to Bidders

12. Bidders must submit with the bid the Designated Subcontractors List for those subcontractors who will perform any portion of Work, including labor, rendering of service, or specially fabricating and installing a portion of the Work or improvement according to detailed drawings contained in the plans and specifications, in excess of one half of one percent (0.5%) of total bid. Failure to submit this list when required by law shall result in bid being deemed nonresponsive and the bid will not be considered.