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Bid #517 RFI Copy Center Print Management Services Copier Equipment

  • Request for Information.
  • Exhibit A – Proposed Layout.
  • Exhibit B – Current Printer Inventory.
  • Exhibit C – Current Copier Equipment Info.
  • Addendum #1.
  • FAQS
    • Question: p.22 3) “C.P. Bourg Manual and Book Factory Perfect Binder” is a Xerox specific product. About how many perfect bound books per month are required?
      Answer: To be determined
    • Question: What is the required maximum thickness (or max number of 20-pound sheets) for the perfect bound books?
      Answer: 350-sheet thickness (1.57” thick)
    • Question: p.22 Binder (please specify)?
      Answer: In-:Line Perfect Binder Bourg BBF-2005 (or equal)
    • Question: Cutter (how big – machine, digital, etc.)?
      Answer: Something similar or equal to Triumph 4850 EP (38 ¼” x 29 ¾” x 48 ½”, automatic programmable cutter)
    • Question: Drill (single or triple)?
      Answer: Challenge 3-Head Hydraulic Paper Drill
    • Question: Shrink wrapper (please specify)?
      Answer: All-in-One Sealer/Tunnel Chamber Machine PP48ST or PP76ST
    • Question: Banner Make (please specify (B/W or Color, Size)? Other?
      Answer: Color, Large Format for advertising/outdoor/banner printing machine (based on what schools normally print for events, with your exper tise on school district copy centers, we would welcome vendor recommendations)
      Other items to consider quoting on:

      • Paddy Wagon Padding Press
      • Rhin-o-Tuff HD 7000 Heavy Duty Punch
      • Akiles Finish-A-Coil Electric Coil Inserter w/Electric Crimper
      • Triumph MBM-207M Paper Folder
    • Question: p.18 8.0 a) 5.3 Million B/W copies (Copy Center + Copiers)?
      Answer: Copy Center and School Site Copiers (District-Wide)
    • Question: p.18 8.0 d) Aggregate CPC for all copiers with no minimum or each machine has a separate CPC rate with no min?
      Answer: The District would prefer aggregate CPC rates for all copiers, unless it is more cost effective for each individual machine to ha ve a separate CPC rate (with no minimum on either option). Please specify which you are quoting or both if you like.
    • Question:OUHSD indicated they have somewhere between 6,000 to 7,000 PC Workstations but I don’t want to assume that there are as many Users. Can you please find out?
      Answer: There are 15,900 student users and 1,800 staff and faculty. Total 17,700 users. All users have Active Directory accounts.
    • Question: Can all personal printers be determined before they are removed? Storing them may be an issue.
      Answer: Yes, we would have personal printers marked as such however, should an error be made, we would need to be able to retrieve it.
    • Question: Can the references be from school districts other than from So. California?
      Answer: Yes but keep in mind the District may request to see a Copy Center you have implemented and that the District would need technicians and your support staff close enough to respond in the time allocated in the RFI.
    • Question: Can a vendor bid on just the B (printers) and C (copiers) and have no response on the A (print shop) ?
      Answer:Yes, you can submit response(s) on only one section, two sections or all sections.
    • Question: 8.0 d Contract – Is the $56,000 buyout for the current Ricoh equipment or is it for the miscellaneous equipment?
      Answer: The payoff remaining is estimated to be $56,000 for Ricoh equipment in year 5 of the 5-year lease and other miscellaneous equipment.
    • Question: 5.8 kk Inventory Management – Please confirm that this is referring to printed inventory.
      Answer: This refers to the District’s desire to manage static documents and supply paper stock inventory for output in the print shop.
    • Question: 5.21 bbbb Misc Requirements – What will the non-print material be? Is this referring to things that will be used in the copy center, such as boxes, packing material, paper, glue for making pads, etc. or other non-copy-center items?
      Answer: Yes, as well as other non-print items required to run the Copy Center.
    • Question: 5.1 h – General – Production systems must be same OEM- this is a major limiter based on the 5+- million per month volume spec in the RFI. If the workflow for all devices is unified, and one vendor is servicing the Production Systems, will mixed fleets be considered? Please consider that most Copy Centers generating this much volume have mixed fleets of devices, and don’t require a single OEM for all output devices. Basically Xerox would be the only brand to meet this requirement.
      Answer: As stated earlier in the RFI, District personnel viewed Xerox equipment in other successful copy centers and referenced this equipment. As long as the Copy Center can operate at a low cost to our school sites, best meet the needs of the District and meet production capability requirements, the District is open to a mixed fleet.
    • Question: 5.10 ddd – Print Production Management – Clarification as to shipping labels- assuming this is for your in-house delivery, and not FedEx, UPS or other? Please clarify.
      Answer: The shipping labels are intended for in-house use for several purposes, such as acting as a packing slip for customer’s orders or for use as an address labels (but will not be used pertaining to FedEx, UPS or other shipping companies).
    • Question: 5.10 fff – jjj – Print Production Management – These all use the word “site” and it appears that there are multiple meanings, i.e., physical location, as well as the website interface. Please clarify.
      Answer: Fff – Site refers to web pages connected to that school
      Ggg – Site refers to bot web pages connected to that school and physical school site
      Hhh – Site refers to physical school site
      Iii – Site refers to web pages connected to that school
      Jjj – Site refers to physical school site
    • Question: 5.10 fff, hhh and jjj – Print Production Management – How many additional print centers, other than the main print center, are there?
      Answer:At each of our school sites there are designated areas for copying/printing needs. In this RFI they are referred to as print centers when ultimately they are “small school copying areas.” There will be 1 main print center located at the District Office only and then areas on each campus where copying and printing can occur.
    • Question: 5.4 w – Authentication and Account Number Validation – Please clarify. What does this requirement mean?
      Answer: This is referring to active directory updating as access rights change, are deleted entirely or new employees are added to the system.
    • Clarification: Page 5 (2.1 PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL) should read “The vendors shall submit an original and five ten (10) copies of its RFI response…”
    • Question: Page 10 and 11 of RFI, Section 3.2.6 References. Item H. states: (Please provide a copy of current agreement with terms and conditions.) This seems highly irregular to provide a full contract copy for 7 references. Some of the contracts could be confidential data or custom written and would require approval from the Customer to disclose. Is your intent to ask for the full contact of all references?
      Answer: We understand certain terms and conditions would be customizable and confidential between you and the customer and that this request may be difficult to fulfill. Due to the constraints on this item, you will not need to disclose a full agreement however, we would simply like to know the contracted party names, the length of contract, the contact information of that customer and what equipment and services were contracted (a new copy center, copiers for general use, print management, etc.).
    • In this reference section, we need confirmation there is indeed a current agreement between you and the customer you are referencing (or that there was in the past when they were a customer). If there is a question about the contract, the District will contact you or your reference(s). We also understand not all contracts will be priced through piggyback contracts. As far as including contract information on the Bid Forms A, B, C and D, as long as the contract you are using to submit pricing on this RFI response can be referenced, and you can supply information for us to confirm its original contracted parties’ names, it is piggyback-able, can be used by our agency and is not expired, that is what we need.

    • Question: Page 35. Will OUHSD except 90ppm? The next step up is 110ppm and that is overkill.
      Answer: You can fill in your recommendation/available product on page 36. 90ppm would be acceptable at school sites. If quoting on Copy Ce nter equipment, the District will require at least a 95ppm, if not, higher, so you would quote the 110ppm on those two copiers.
    • Question: Please clarify dates of submission – 4/30 Questions, 4/29 pricing and 4/3? Unclear.
      Answer: Vendor response due date is 4/3/12 and deadline for submissions of questions is 3/30/12 (per pages 5 and 6). The cover page has been f ixed as there was a typo on it.
    • Question: Page 35. Will OUHSD except 90ppm? The next step up is 110ppm and that is overkill.
      Answer: You can fill in your recommendation/available product on page 36. 90ppm would be acceptable.
    • Question: Page 44. 3. Clarify “In the event that a remedy is (not) implemented?”
      Answer: The sentence should read, “In the event that a remedy is not implemented within 60 days, the District, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel the contract with no further notice and pay only those charges accrued up to the date of the original notification.”
    • Question: 3.2.6- G Clarify support.
      Answer: List a reference where you have provided management of a Copy Center or support/consulting services (help in set up, recommendation of equipment, recommend location of equipment in Copy Center, training for staff on equipment and software, ongoing support for equipment repair, software troubleshooting and everything else that would go along with implementing a new or already existing Copy Center)
    • Question: 7.0 – Billing – C. Is there a specific format your looking for in regards to billing? Do you have examples?
      Answer: We do not have a sample. We would work with selected vendor(s) to customize invoicing based on what options in software and equipment are available to us as we enter into new contracts. We currently do not utilize the software or equipment items requested in this RFI, nor do we currently operate a Copy Center (so we would not have examples of how we would like invoicing to appear on these items).
    • Question: Exhibit B page 25 #5 Where are these machines being placed? These are large engines and are meant for large volumes.
      Answer: The District felt it best to include some higher speed printers in areas that get high usage but may not receive a copier. OUHSD has the right to supply more or less equipment to school sites and the type and quantity of equipment would be determined based on budget for the upcoming year, selected vendor’s walk through and recommendation for campuses and school site feedback/requests.