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(Cancelled) RFQ/P #564 Program and Construction Management Services

Bid Documents

CANCELLATION NOTICE: RFP 564 PM/CM Services has been cancelled

PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE CANCELLATION NOTICE: The Pre-Proposal Conference to be held on 4/10/18 @ 2:00 p.m. has been cancelled. A new date will be post it, should it be rescheduled.

RFI #1 Question: This RFQ/P General Instructions section has specified the District intends to approve one or more firms that will be used to complete projects during the next several years. Please clarify what the district means when it refers to “complete projects.”

Answer: OUHSD is requesting services to plan, manage and perform program and construction management services through to the completion and close-out of each project. Actual construction would be provided by a construction company obtained through delivery methods that are yet to be determined and may be based on specific project details.

RFI #2 Question: What types of projects does the district intend to have the Program/Construction manager (PM/CM) handle?

Answer: A list of projects will be discussed at the Pre-Proposal Conference on 4/10/18 @ 2:00. A preliminary project list can also be found at . Prop 39 Energy projects may also be included.

RFI #3 Question: Is the New Oxnard Growth High School #8 included as one of the projects the PM/CM would oversee?

Answer: Although the New Oxnard Growth High School #8 is not intended to be part of this RFQ/P, some coordination and planning related to the new high school may be necessary.

RFI #4 Question: Will the district pursue any projects if the Measure A bond doesn’t pass?

Answer: Yes, the District will pursue modernization and other projects that are not dependent on the passing of Measure A.

RFI #5 Question: How long will the district require the services of the PM/CM?

Answer: The District foresees needing these PM/CM services for approximately five years.

RFI #6 Question: Is there a registration process to attend the Pre-Proposal Conference on 4/10/18?

Answer: No, there is no registration process. Although this conference in not mandatory, it is highly recommended that interested firms attend to obtain information that will be beneficial to them in responding to this RFQ/P.