2021 Family Conference Resources

Family Conference – October 16, 2021 ENGLISH Topic Description Presenter(s) Resources Opening College and Career Readiness Maricruz Hernandez, Principal/College Readiness Recording Presentation College Admissions and Deadlines Participants will receive an overview of the four college systems; community college, the CSU/UC, and private schools.  Learn what is required and deadlines to consider.  Cesar Rangel, Admission Counselor […]

Tutoring Schedules 2021

ACHS Tutor.Sched.2021.2022.2 CIHS Tutor. Sched.2021.2022 HHS Tutor. Sched.2021.2022 OHS Tutor.Sched.2.2021-2022 OHS Tutor. Sched.2021.2022 PHS Tutoring Schedule 2021-22 Rancho Tutor. Sched.2021.2022 RMHS Tutor. Sched.2021.2022