WeTip’s School Safety Program

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Dear Parent,

The WeTip National School Safety Managed Reporting Solution is pleased to welcome you as a WeTip member. We believe that students and their families are empowered by the WeTip program to keep their schools and communities safe and crime free. WeTip has provided the Nation’s only totally anonymous, neutral third party, crime hotline to schools for more than 48 years.

WeTip’s School Safety Program is a joint involvement of law enforcement, students, their families and school staff members. All are committed to providing a safer living environment for students and their families nationwide.

Schools lose hundreds of thousands of dollars each year due to vandalism, graffiti, theft, violence and other crimes. School officials and law enforcement have teamed up with WeTip, the nationwide crime-fighting organization.

The WeTip School Safety Managed Reporting Solution has proven to be tremendously effective in reducing calls for police service at schools that are involved in the program. Many schools have experienced a significant decrease in crime & bullying incidents and law enforcement calls in the time that the program has been implemented.

As the School Safety Program continues to expand nationwide, our hope is that families will have a safer environment to live and raise their children.

As a WeTip member, your school has obtained a tool, which has been serving communities since 1972. It will enable you to effectively combat school crimes, violent crimes, child abductions, bullying, vandalism arson, graffiti and property destruction by using the WeTip anonymous hotline system 1-800-78-CRIME. The WeTip hotline system is live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with trained agents taking anonymous tips, triaging them and relaying that information immediately to school and local law enforcement officers. This program provides the necessary tools to create a pro-active crime abatement program in your community.

“Illegal Activity is not tolerated”
Anonymous – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Reward – Up to $1,000

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