Important Coronavirus Update March 5, 2020

Novel Coronavirus Update 03-05-20
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Date: March 5, 2020

To: All Oxnard Union High School District Students, Parents and Families

From: Penelope Deleon, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools

In light of recent Coronavirus cases in adjacent counties, the Ventura County Director of Public Health convened a meeting of local superintendents to assist us in preventing the spread of the virus in our schools and to plan for any potential outbreaks which could result in the closing of our schools. To be clear, there are no known cases in Ventura County as of today. Should the Coronavirus spread, the Ventura County Department of Public Health will immediately notify us of any potential need to close schools. We are planning for all possible contingencies. Here is a summary of our prevention strategies, planning for school closures and guidance for parents and families:

Steps the District has taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus:

  • Custodians have begun nightly deep cleaning of all hard surfaces and doorkn­­obs with bleach
  • We have ordered Clorox wipes, Purell and Kleenex for every classroom and office in our district to be delivered this
  • We have increased stock of soap and soap dispensers for every bathroom on all
  • We are closely monitoring student and staff attendance to determine a potential outbreak to report to the VC Department of
  • We are actively planning for potential school closures as discussed below.
  • All School Nurses have been trained in Coronavirus protocols and are ready to assist students and

Guidelines for parents and families regarding your students:

  • Keep your student(s) at home if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms (coughing /fever) until they are FREE OF SYMPTOMS. There will be no negative impact to grades should your student(s) have to miss school. All absences for illness are
  • Continue frequent hand washing with
  • Avoid close contact with sick
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Individuals with chronic health issues and/or individuals experiencing symptoms should be evaluated by a medical professional
  • Note: Masks are currently not recommended at this time

Planning for potential school closures:

When/if the Coronavirus arrives in Ventura County and reaches critical mass according our public health officials, the Director of Public Health may close our schools for an extended period of time (this will include all extra­ curricular activities). This period of time may exceed our ability to implement make-up days as a district. With this in mind, rather than depending on make-up days, we are planning to have our students complete coursework on Oxnard Online, which has a complete catalog of courses available to students. AP/IB courses will be completed through email correspondence with teachers. To prepare for this:

  • Principals at the non-I: l Chromebook schools (ACHS, PHS, RMHS, OHS) are conducting a head count of students who: 1) do not have a device at home; 2) do not have internet at home; 3) both
  • Once we have the count, devices and hotspots will be distributed to students as needed and Oxnard Online accounts activated for every student.

As always, the health and welfare of our students and staff is our utmost priority and we will continue to keep you updated as we have new information from the VC Department of Public Health. Please feel free to contact me at should you have any further questions.

In service,

Penelope A. DeLeon, Superintendent of Schools

Oxnard Union High School District

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