Corona Virus and Social Distancing

Coronavirus - Social Distancing
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Dear OUHSD Families,

  • We just received guidance from the county regarding the preventative practice of Social Distancing. The definition of Social Distancing is as follows: Measures to reduce transmission of infectious disease by decreasing the frequency and duration of close social contact, especially face-to-face contact, which reduces person-to-person transmission. Additionally, they recommend a distance of 6 feet for interaction with anyone demonstrating symptoms of the flu, like coughing and fever.
  • As a reminder, our staff has been asked to send students who demonstrate flu-like symptoms like cough and fever to the school nurse, who will evaluate the student. Students with fever will be sent home. Again, we are asking parents to please keep students with flu-like symptoms home until the student is free of symptoms.
  • With social distancing in mind, we must limit activities or events which promote close, personal interaction in confined indoor spaces, like sporting events, dances, concerts, assemblies, rallies, some field trips or other large public gatherings, etc. We are also fortunate our Prom season begins the very last week of April and extends through May, hoping the risk of outbreak has subsided by then. We are working with our site principals to plan for alternative ways to conduct large-scale events- or to find dates later in the year (May/June) for events that are postponed. Some of those alternatives may be live-streaming events, or breaking large events into multiple, smaller, classroom sized gatherings. This will not be perfect, but as far as we are concerned, we will do everything possible to postpone/reschedule any event we are forced to cancel. Our main goal is to protect the health and welfare of our staff and students by doing everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In services,



Penelope A. DeLeon, Superintendent of Schools
Oxnard Union High School District

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