Board Meeting Recognition – Rio Mesa GeoBowl Winners and Pacifica High Outstanding Student

Pacifica High School - Outstanding Student Pic
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GeoBowl student winners

The 31st annual GEO Challenge was held on Saturday, November 16, 2019, at Oxnard College. More than 175 students from 15 public and private schools in Ventura County participated in the round robin and individual competition. GEO Challenge is an opportunity for students to participate in this countywide high school geography competition that challenges the student’s knowledge on global issues including, but not limited to: environment, current events, geology, physical and human geography. The event was in held conjunction with the National Geography Awareness Week activities. The theme this year was: “Travel Adventure: Get out of your box!”. Tonight, we will recognize the Geo Bowl team from Rio Mesa High School and RMHS Geo Bowl Coach Kimberly Ma for finishing second in this year’s competition!

  • Tony Ibarra
  • Erica Punto
  • Micha Smith
  • Kaitlyn Schettler
  • Jaylin Velasco
  • Joshua Weinerth

Outstanding Student: Aide “Jacqui” Sigala

Aide "Jacqui" Sigala Outstanding Student at Pacifica High School

Ms. Sigala personifies the character, morality, and work ethic that the PHS staff works to instill in every single Triton. She has overcome some very difficult challenges in her life and has made a firm commitment to being a role model, showing others how to live, and serving as an inspiration to others. Becoming independent at a very young age, Jacqui has become a self-starter and an extremely responsible young lady. Although she is extremely humble and never calls attention to herself, she will undoubtedly be a powerful and influential person in our world one day. When thinking of the outstanding young lady Jacqui has become in her time at Pacifica, Mr. Riley, Jacqui’s English teacher stated, “I hope I know her when she’s thirty”, as he truly believes she will go on to accomplish amazing things. He also described her as, “an excellent soul”.

Jacqui’s true passion in life is music. She plays the trumpet and clarinet and is a part of the PHS Symphonic Band and Marching Band. She plans to pursue a career in the music industry and hopes to one day become a music producer. Her music teacher, Ms. Rogers says, “Jacqui is always the first student to step up and help a struggling student. She is a true mentor. She is dedicated and hard working and makes the entire PHS music program better.”

In addition to her prowess in the arts, Jacqui is a stellar student who has taken a plethora of Honors and AP courses. She currently has a 4.26 GPA.

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