Board Meeting – Student Recognition May 15, 2019

Board Meeting, Student Recognition.
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Outstanding Student Award – Rancho Campana High School

RCHS student, Madeline (Maddy) Hood is graduating this year. Maddy has always been extremely driven. The summer before Maddy’s 7th-grade year, her dad was diagnosed with cancer. During her freshman year at RCHS, he lost his kidney. It was touch and go and they almost lost him. Even through that horrible time, Maddy persevered and continued to excel. Her sophomore year she lost her boyfriend, ACHS student John Parrott, who tragically passed away. Maddy immediately struggled with her motivation and drive to succeed; she felt defeated. Her friends, family, RCHS students and staff rallied behind Maddy and within time and a lot of TLC, she was up on her feet once again. Through all this, Maddy was conditionally accepted to The United States Naval Academy (pending health on ankle) and was also accepted to UCLA, USC, Drexel, Washington and Jefferson, USD, Sac State and Hofstra. She has decided to attend USC.

Sarai Ortega is a model student. She is thoughtful, intelligent and overall embodies the qualities that make a Rancho Monarch. Every teacher that has encountered Sarai knows her hard work, dedication and passion. She has been an integral part of many projects here on campus and is always willing to volunteer. Sarai has received the Questbridge Scholarship and will be attending Claremont McKenna in the fall. She has battled through many hardships and one would never know.

Mr. Stephen Hayes -Hueneme High School NJROTC

Each year the Veterans of Foreign Wars conducts a nationwide program to recognize our communities dedicated educators. Local VFW Posts nominate and recognize teachers in categories K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Local post nominees are then forwarded to the respective VFW District, with District winners forwarded to VFW State. Each State then submits a winner in each category for National level competition in Kansas City, MO. This academic year VFW Post 3935 in Port Hueneme nominated Mr. Stephen Hayes of the Hueneme High School NJROTC program for the award in category 9-12. Mr. Hayes’ recommendation package was forwarded for further judging at VFW CA District 7, and he won honors at District level. Marking the first time a VFW Post 3935 local winner
advanced to the State-level competition.

Reading Awards – Jennifer Brickey

Jennifer started a poetry project that blossomed into an OHS student, Unique Shehee, becoming the first youth poet laureate for Ventura County. Additionally, she is an excellent teacher, tech coach, website developer, Stepping Up Speaker Series originator, and PD queen at OHS. She would be a stand out at any school anywhere in America.

Migrant Speech and Debate – Guadalupe Reyes

The State Migrant Education Speech and Debate Tournament was hosted at Oxnard High School on May 4, 2019. Today we are acknowledging the winners from our Regional Tournament. These students advanced to the State competition representing Ventura County, Region 17. For the Regional competition, students from the Channel Islands, Hueneme, Oxnard, Pacifica, and Rio Mesa competed in the English or Spanish, in the category of debate or prepared speech. The debate structure requires that students prepare for both the affirmative and negative positions, cross-examination and rebuttal. Students are expected to utilize evidence and research-based information in their speeches and debates. They are to have well-developed and organized thoughts, be poised and have good delivery. Students collaborated, communicated, read, wrote, synthesized information, thought critically and strategized. These are skills that prepare students for College and Career. The High School Debate topic this year was “Two-way dual immersion programs are the best model to ensure success for English Language Learners.” High School Prepared Speech topics range from the benefits of a college education to lack of health care is a bigger threat to national security than terrorism.

Regional Champions:

Oxnard High, Debate– Spanish, Coaches Francisco Reynoso, Giovanni Garcia, Mig Cordova, Lytzi Garcia, Adrian Santoyo, Jessica Garcia and Fernanda Guzman.

Hueneme High, Coaches Esther Ultreras and Mayra Estrada

  • 9th Grade – Prepared Speech ‐ Spanish – Yuridiana Franco
  • 10th Grade – Prepared Speech ‐ Spanish – Angela Osorio
  • 11th Grade – Prepared Speech ‐ Spanish – Donna Aguilar
  • 12th Grade – Prepared Speech ‐ Spanish – Marisol Garcia
  • 9th Grade – Prepared Speech ‐ English – Anayeli Rosete
  • 11th Grade – Prepared Speech ‐ English

Rio Mesa High, Coaches Claudia Gonzalez and Viridiana Duran
11th Dillan Hernandez – Prepared Speech ‐ English

Seal of Biliteracy – Vanessa Calderon

Adriana Díaz, a senior at Channel Islands High School, will be the second student obtaining the state seal of biliteracy, not only in Ventura County but state level, for demonstrating a high proficiency level in English, Spanish and Mixteco. Adriana has been accepted to several universities; nonetheless, she decided to attend CSUCI next year to study sociology and wants to stay local to continue supporting her family and her community, especially the Mixteco community and continue to be a role model for her 10 young siblings. All of her teachers at CIHS speak highly of this young lady, “ I admire this young lady tremendously because not only is she persevering despite all her responsibilities, she does it all his grace. She embodies a very sweet demeanor and values her cultural heritage. I am so proud of her.” Milly Madonna

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