Board Meeting – Student Recognition May 1, 2019

Board Meeting, Student Recognition.
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Outstanding Student Award – Oxnard Middle College High School

Melissa Aguilar is a hard-working young lady that started this year at OMCHS. Melissa is our student representative to School Site Council.  She is dedicated and strives to do her best.  Melissa is the student that does not settle for less. She strives to improve on anything she does. She works well in a team and she is one of the kindest students that we have at OMCHS. Melissa overcomes educational obstacles with grace and seeks help to accomplish her goals.

Leslie Lopez: Leslie is invested in her education and excels in all her subject areas. Leslie always gives her best to any project she commits to. She is incredibly creative and strives for perfection. She approaches everything she does with a joy for learning. She has writing and Math skills beyond her grade level. creative, organized and takes projects to a higher level of standards.

OUHSD Art Show Winners

  • ACHS-Aryana Sasaki-Lopez – People’s Choice
  • CIHS-Roberto Perez- 1st Place Photography/Digital
  • HHS-Vaughan Flowers – 1st Place Drawing
  • OHS-Arturo G. Media – People’s Choice
  • PHS-Kimberly Nguyen – 1st Place 3D Sculpture
  • RCHS- Zhirelle Cushman – 1st Place Mixed Media and People’s Choice
  • PHS-Kimberly Nguyen – 1st Place 3D Sculpture
  • RCHS- Zhirelle Cushman – 1st Place Mixed Media and People’s Choice
  • RCHS-Nouh Sepulveda – 1st Place Painting
  • RCHS- Zhirelle Cushman – 1st Place Mixed Media and People’s Choice
  • RCHS-Nouh Sepulveda – 1st Place Painting
  • RMHS-Dawnee Dixon – People’s Choice

ASB Award -Oxnard High School

Oxnard High’s ASB has developed a mission to empower our students to be agents of change, and to partner with administration to build a culture of care. Our student leaders model inclusion through our campus-wide activities that now, go beyond on-campus rallies and dances. We apply a social-justice lens and it’s proven vital in the way we have pushed to transform our students school experience.

We’re advocates at heart. It shows in how we’ve launched the first Clothesline Project on Sexual Assault and Violence – the first high school in Ventura County to do so. We’ve recognized our campus’ diversity with a Cultural Week and are excited to launch our next PRIDE Day in June. Last year, we were the first in the district to hold a day celebrating our LGBTQ+ community. Everyone’s lives and our narratives are important and we’ve made it our goal to not let anyone go unnoticed. That is why we actively celebrate our students and staff for who they are and the identity they hold. We were elated to hear Superintendent DeLeon mention that she looks forward to supporting this us this year at our PRIDE Day!

Our move to be a passionate, social justice-driven associated student body lead to one of our greatest recognitions at the state level. OHS ASB was recognized and awarded the distinction of an Outstanding Leadership Program from the California Association of Student Leaders organization (CASL). Only 5% of programs whom apply – which included letters of rec from our Principal to name but one – and writings to prove how we are shifting our campus culture with our many areas of growth – were chosen and we are one of them. Love and care runs deep in every decision we make. We are a diverse student-group, know the power of helping others, and how important equity is as we lead. We want to thank you for taking a moment to listen to our narrative, our mission and for always supporting us. Without our Principal and strong leaders, we would not be able to launch all the campus-wide activities and bring more awareness to our school.”

Robotics Teams – Frontier High School and Adolfo Camarillo High School

First Robotics has 3,900 teams (95,000 students) internationally. During the regional competition at Ventura College, Frontier won Highest Seed Rookie Award, Rookie Inspirations Award, and placed 2nd overall. Approximately, 800 teams qualify to go to the World Championships each year. This year in OUHSD, both Frontier and Adolfo Camarillo High School qualified to go to the World Championships. At World Championships in Houston, Frontier, won the Highest Rookie Seed Award. They placed 10th in their division. ACHS finished 33rd. in their division. We are so proud of how both teams represented OUHSD in this international competition.

MESA Awards

California MESA had a Southern and Northern California competition that they are now calling MESA Day Finals and we could only bring our 1st place teams from Science and Technology MESA Day to compete. The 2019 Southern MESA Day Finals were hosted at the Bourns Technology Center in Riverside, CA. Several OUHSD teams performed well on April 13th and are highlight them below.

Channel Islands High School

Congratulations to Jasmine Escobedo, Allessandra Gotico and Jesus Ramos from Channel Islands HS for winning 3rd Place for the 9th & 10th Grade MESA Tank competition!

Hueneme High School

Congratulations to Angel Pulido, Melvin Murcia and Michael Mendoza from Hueneme HS for winning 1st Place for the 9th & 10th Grade Wright Turn Glider competition!

Oxnard High School

Congratulations to Austin Yen, Emilie Yen, and Jade Marelle Gironfor from Oxnard HS for winning 3rd Place for Design for the 11th & 12th Prosthetic Arm competition!

Rio Mesa High School

Congratulations to Zachary Caetano, Sheridan Chavira and Monica Hernandez from Rio Mesa HS for winning 2nd Place in the Preliminary Rounds.

For the MESA National Engineering Design Competition (NEDC) all 1st-3rd Place teams advanced to the MESA State Championship at UCLA on May 4.

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