Resolution #17-02 Proclaiming February 2017 Black History Month

Announcement of Resolution No 17-02.
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WHEREAS, Black history reflects a determined spirit of perseverance and cultural pride in its struggle to equally share in the opportunities of a nation founded upon the principles of freedom and liberty for all people; and,

WHEREAS, Black citizens have participated in every American effort to secure, protect, and advance the cause of freedom and civil rights, as reflected by the bravery of the soldiers of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, those who sat at whites-only lunch counters, and walked rather than use segregated buses; and,

WHEREAS, these stories act as an inspiration to all citizens, they tell of the triumph of the human spirit, they are stories of everyday people rising above their circumstances and the prejudice of others to build lives of dignity; and,

WHEREAS, the History-Social Science Framework for California Public Schools, K-12 states that the history curriculum of community, state, region, nation and the world must reflect the experiences of men and women of different racial, religious, and ethnic groups; and,

WHEREAS, all students need an opportunity to understand the common humanity underlying all people, to develop pride in their own identity and heritage, and to respect and accept the identity and heritage of others; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, THAT THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE OXNARD UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT hereby proclaims February 2017, as BLACK HISTORY MONTH in this school district, and encourages all educational communities to commemorate this time with appropriate instructional activities.


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