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Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

Information Technology is excited to announce our MyApps portal which allows single sign-on for district-wide applications.  MyApps portal allows you to access certain district-wide applications using your OUHSD username and password.  There is no need to remember multiple sets of credentials.  In addition, the frequency of logins is reduced by allowing you to seamlessly access district-wide applications without entering a username and password for each application.

Click the link below to begin using MyApps portal:

For you convenience, bookmark the MyApps portal web page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is MyApps portal?
    MyApps is a Single sign-on portal which allows you to access certain applications using a single set of credentials – your OUHSD username and password.  This is the same password used to access email or login to computers on campus.  After signing-in, you will be able to access all other district-wide applications without having to enter a username and password.
  1. What applications are available for MyApps portal?
    The following applications are currently available for MyApps.  More are coming soon!

    1. For Faculty/Counselors:
      Email, OneDrive, Sharepoint, D2L, Naviance, Lynda, My Learning Plan, Turnitin, Khan Academy, Microsoft Educator Community, Profile
    2. For Student:
      Email, OneDrive, Sharepoint, D2L, Naviance, Lynda, Khan Academy, Turnitin, Profile
    3. For Admin and Office Staff:
      Email, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Lynda, My Learning Plan, Blackboard Connect, Profile
    4. Coming Soon:
      • Synergy – TeacherVue, StudnetVue and Adminvue
      • More applications coming soon
  1. Will the MyApps portal eliminate the need for me to remember so many different login IDs and passwords?
    Yes. Our goal for MyApps portal is use of a single username and password for district-wide applications. Faculty, Students and Admin/Office Staff will use the same login they use to access their district computers.
  1. How to change password using MyApps portal?
    MyApps portal allows users to change their password under profile settings. Please make sure to register for password reset under profile settings before attempting to change password.
  2. Who do I contact with questions or problems with MyApps portal?
    Please contact IT Helpdesk at or (805) 385-4141

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