OUHSD 23rd Annual Art Show 2014

Girls are posing for photo.
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Three Dimensional Category:

Third Prize: Natalie McIntyre, “Donnell and Cydney”
Second Prize: Bailey Holliday, “Jester”
First Prize: Damaris Alcaraz, Claritza Juarez, Jamie Juarez and Nathalie Ceja , “The Future of Us”

Two Dimensional:

Third Prize: Anna Okleskova, “Sunset in Paris”
Second Prize: Veronica Poggi, “Dressed Up”
First Prize: Alexis Bramwell, “Bees”


Third Prize: Melissa Aldrete, “Either Rise up or Stay Down”
Second Prize: Matthew Ruiz, “Estilo”
First Prize: Vanessa Wells, “We were Born to make History



Georgia Gump “Troy”
Alisen Aphayaraj, “Shoes”

Oxnard HS

Abigail Milbrandt, “The Colors of Africa”
Yvette Moreno, “The Eyes that Hold a Secret”

Pacifica HS

Cristina Raya, “Mirando”
Maria Soria, “3D Cubism”

Channel Islands HS

Vanessa Carranza, “Beautiful, Free, Majestic”
Jessica Rivera, “Chicago Magical Bean”

Rio Mesa HS

Delaney Santos, “Pulchritudinous”
Mikayla Otani, “Primary Stationary”


Pepito Duray, “Untitled #1”
Neena Sanchez, “She Saw Things in Color”

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