Mock Trial Teams Honored

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The 2013/2014 Mock Trial teams were recognized at the Wednesday, March 26 Board Meeting for their participation in the Mock Trial program as well as special honors they earned form the Ventura County Competition.

People are posing for photo.

Adolfo Camarillo High School

Alan Cha – 3rd – Best Defense Witness
Christine Ibrahim – Team Most Valuable Player
Omeed Tavasoli – 3rd – Best Prosecution Witness
Helen Zhang – 3rd – Best Prosecution Witness
Shawn Near – Advisor

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Channel Islands High School

Mauryce Brumfield – 3rd – Expert Witness
Ivan Covarrubias – 3rd – Expert Witness
Kenia Perez – 3rd – Best Prosecutor
Aylin Rodriguez – 2nd – Expert Witness
Monica Adrian – Advisor – Ventura County Team Spirit Award

People are posing for photo.

Hueneme High School

Ramon Chavez – Four Year Commitment Award
Angel Fajardo – 3rd – Best Defendant
Jorge Garcia – 1st – Expert Witness
Caroline Gonzalez – 2nd – Pretrial Defense Attorney
Claire Guerrero – Team Most Valuable Player
Euel Paminuan – 2nd – Pretrial Prosecution Attorney
Marsha Landreth – Advisor

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Oxnard High School

Craig Chittenden – 3rd – Best Prosecution Attorney
Isabella Dang – 1st – Best Defense Attorney (2nd year in a row)
Charlotte Mayeda – 2nd – Best Witness
April Melendez – 3rd – Best Witness
Bobby Mummory – 3rd – Best Witness
Andrew Park – 2nd – Best Pretrial Attorney
Becca Reyes – 2nd – Best Bailiff
Keith Koch – Advisor

People are posing for photo.

Pacifica High School

Melissa Gonzales – Four Year Commitment Award
Yael Murillo – Team Most Valuable Player
Sabdy Salcido – 1st – Defense Witness
Jesus Sandoval – 3rd – Courtroom Artist
Valentin Tril – 2nd – Defense Witness
Sue Kipp – Advisor

People are posing for photo.

Rio Mesa High School

Pamala Somchith – 2nd – Best Court Clerk
Miguel Undurugga – 3rd – Best Prosecution Attorney and Team Most Valuable Player
George Siedel – Advisor

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