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Rotary Club of Oxnard Honors Special Teachers

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The Rotary Club of Oxnard continues to recognize outstanding teachers in the Oxnard School District, the Oxnard Union High School District, and the Rio School District. For the third year, the Rotary Club provides a gift basket and plaque of recognition for their outstanding teaching and service to students, parents, and their school. In partnership with the County Schools Federal Credit Union, the recognition also includes a monetary award for the teacher to help cover the many out-of-pocket expenses teachers incur. The Teacher Recognition Program continues the efforts of Rotary to thank those in the community who give outstanding Service Above Self, the motto of Rotary International.

On May 16th, the Rotary Club of Oxnard bestowed this honor on Mrs. Kathy Matthews, a Hueneme High School teacher whose Principal acknowledged as possibly the most determined individual the staff has ever met. Her complete commitment to the teaching of French has been unwavering over the course of her career. Her organization of the Foreign Language Department has resulted in increased enrollments and retention of students in this area of study. She encourages students to take a third and fourth year of language study, which is beneficial to students in so many ways.

Her efforts have resulted in many students at Hueneme High School having proficiency in three languages. Many of the HHS native speakers of Spanish have taken the opportunity to add French language ability to their list of skills. Also, with the study of French, a language which has contributed so much to English, these students have bolstered their abilities in all three languages through a comparative examination of Spanish, French and English.

Mrs. Matthews has been instrumental in the acquisition and maintenance of the Language Laboratory at Hueneme High School. This lab allows teachers to prepare students for the Advanced Placement exams in Spanish and French. The lab allows the over 100 students who take the exams to remain on campus for the exam and take the test in familiar surroundings. Her leadership in fund-raising and advocacy for the lab and for second language instruction in general has been nothing short of relentless and passionate. The entire Hueneme High School staff thanks Kathy Matthews for her leadership, help and friendship.

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