OUHSD to add two more days to school calendar

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Oxnard Union High School District recently approved the addition of two working days for teachers next school year. It will cost the district $200,000 to add the two days.

Teachers have taken a 6.5 percent reduction in pay over the past two years as state budget cuts have led Oxnard Union to trim nine days from its calendar since 2009.

School officials said the calendar will now reflect 179 work days for teachers.

The adjustment was made possible by Proposition 30, the education tax bill passed in November.

Prop. 30 could mean an additional $4.5 million in state revenue for the district if a new funding formula proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown is approved by state lawmakers this summer.

Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula would provide additional funds to school districts that have higher populations of English language learners and students on the free and reducedprice lunch program.

The details of Brown’s plan haven’t been finalized, and school district officials are unsure how it will affect local schools.

“We’re not sure exactly what the budget will be, but we’ve been told it’s going to be better than it was in recent years,” said Rocky Valles, assistant superintendent of human resources for the district.

More will be known about the proposal when the governor’s revised budget is released later this month.

“Our staff has suffered for many, many years during the economic downturn, and we’d like to return all of the calendar days, but we have to be conservative because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the economic future,” Valles said.

Wes Davis, president of the Oxnard Federation of Teachers and School Employees, said the added calendar days signal a brighter economic future for the district’s teachers.

“For teachers it looks like and it feels like we’ve turned the corner, and we see now that things are looking better on the horizon,” Davis said.

“We look forward to the governor’s May revise and how the Local Control Funding Formula will benefit the students of the Oxnard Union High School District.”

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