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IB Chemistry Students visit Chip Camp at UCSB

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September 4 and September 5 two separate groups of the IB Chemistry Students went to Chip Camp at UCSB (56 students total).

Students had the opportunity to make their own micro chips in the teaching clean room at UCSB. The students were split into groups, and each group conducted their own experiment testing variables of the manufacturing process. For example one group varied the exposure time of the chips to UV light, to determine how that variable affected the depth of the photoresist on the chip, and ultimately the resistance of the resistor circuits on the chip.

At the end of the day each group had to present their findings to the whole group, and then they were questioned by the audience, including Dr. Samantha Cruz the program director, and the doctoral students who were their mentors, on the results of their experiments.

Each student received a certificate of their participation in the program, complete with their own picture of themselves suited up in clean room gear.

Only 550 California high school students have been invited to UCSB’s Chip Camp over the past 10 years. This was a very exciting and memorable experience for our students, one I am sure they won’t forget. The students all had a great time, and Dr. Sidhu and I were so proud of how maturely they behaved, and how they stayed focused and engaged through a very long day.

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