TEENS Club Helps Kids in Need

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At Cam High, TEENS Club (Teenage Endeavors Elevating Neighboring Students) is focused on assisting students on campus that are financially in need and need basic necessities that they can’t afford themselves.

The club began when co-presidents, Jordan Marucut and Akemi Levine, both sophomores, were inspired when a student of Mrs. Connie Su, science teacher, came to her seeking financial help. The club began around January 2010.

Tahja Martin, a senior and a member of the club, commented on how the club is special in the way that it helps their community directly.

Su, the advisor of TEENS club, commented on how they gain money to help. “It’s mostly from donations and restaurant fundraising and car washes.”

Around the end of November of this year, TEENS club was active with their toiletry drive that they hosted with National Honors Society (NHS). TEENS club and NHS received over 500 individual items to donate.

Most of the donations received from the toiletry drive go to Many Meals of Camarillo, a church affiliated group. Anyone who can’t afford food can eat dinner there. Many Meals of Camarillo gives away bags of groceries as well. Occasionally, they receive clothes to give away too.

“We go in once a month,” Su mentioned, about the club members assisting Many Meals of Camarillo.

TEENS club was also active around the winter season. They worked with Casa Pacifica to grant the children their Christmas wish. Each member of the club, Marucut mentions, received a list of something a child wanted and bought it for them.

Su commented on some activities they will are planning, such as a school supply drive at the end of the year and a backpack drive. There is also a plan to purchase gift cards to stores such as Target or Vons, for those that need them.

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