Rodriguez wins migrant student award

Rodriguez, headshot.
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was selected Honor Migrant Student of the Oxnard Union High School District at the Regional Migrant Family Conference on Feb.4.

Rodriguez is the co-president in CI’s Migrant program and has been involved in various activities such as the Migrant Speech and Debate tournament. She won first place in her sophomore and junior year, and also qualified in state before. Also, Rodriguez has been occupied with UCLA and CSUCI.

Her plans after graduating high school are attending Oxnard/Ventura College, although she has applied to universities such as UCLA, Berkeley, Santa Cruz and San Diego.

Rodriguez spends her Saturdays at OC for D.R.E.A.M Club. In this club she does presentations about the Ventura Promise. Oxnard College offers a scholarship for being an AB540 student; AB540 is a state law that allows qualified undocumented students to pay in-state tuition fees.

In this program, scholarships are given to the senior class at the end of the year. She has talked to parents about letting their children being drawn in the Migrant Program. To have a student get accepted, the main key points are having their parent working in the agriculture field and having left town more than 30 days or more.

Rodriguez fundraises and tutors the incoming migrant students.

Mr. Paco Reynoso, counselor and Migrant Program coordinator, says that Rodriguez is easygoing, pleasant and determined.
“Overall, she’s a hard-working, academic person who’s strongly involved in the Migrant Program,” Reynoso said.

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