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OHS goes on a Water Walk for non-profit

Girls with water walk newsletter.
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Oxnard High School freshmen Jarely Lopez, Samantha Betts, and Erica Bui (left to right) walk along with fellow students during Oxnard's "Water Walk" Saturday.
Driving down Victoria Road or Fifth Street on Saturday morning, one might have seen a large ensemble of teenagers parading down the road and waving at passing cars.

The reason for the commotion? Oxnard High School’s ASB class was participating in Do Something’s Water Games program. The non-profit encouraged groups to hold three to four mile “Water Walks” to help those in Africa who do not have easy access to clean drinking water. Do Something touted it as a way to raise awareness for the water epidemic in rural areas of Africa, and teamed up with non-profit The Thirst Project to build a large well in these areas if 15,000 in the U.S. walked.

Oxnard’s ASB thought of it as a way to get involved in the community and to connect the school through a common cause. They seized the opportunity, and went into a week-long frenzy to organize the event. The work paid off, as they had a total of about 60 walkers altogether by the time Saturday came around. All arrived in the school’s front parking lot Saturday morning wearing “fever gear”, what the school calls its brand of school spirit clothing and accessories.

The group made its way down Victoria Road and Fifth Street for a total of 3.9 miles walked. Various students carried hand-made posters with sayings such as, “Water Walk 2012”, or, “OHS walks for water!” Passer-bys showed approval with car honks and friendly waves to the students. Oxnard’s ASB advisor, Shannon Houston, would stop at the side of the road to take pictures and offer warnings about possible obstacles ahead.

The end-point was Oxnard Shores, reached after about an hour of walking. Students took a group photo for the ASB class’s Facebook and Twitter pages, then received snacks and waters for a job well done. Houston says that she looks forward to more community service projects such as this one in the new school year.

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