Navy-Bound Teen Follows Dad’s Career

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“Plan a” for Travis Harris was to be a Midshipman in the United States Naval Academy. The son of a career military man, the Channel Islands High School senior wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.”I see what my dad does, how much he helps people and protects our country.” Travis said. “That’s what I want to do.”

Unfortunately, Travis was not accepted Annapolis – few who apply are – but that did not deter the 18-year-old-go-getter from pursuing his dream of one day becoming a Naval officer. So he just moved on to “Plan B” – attending Lousiana State University and enrolling in its Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps program.

“In four years I’ll be an officer, but I’m just going about it in a different way,” Travis said, shrugging.

Travis who graduates with a 3.5 grade-point averaged, checked out a number of university NROTC programs and chose LSU for its rigorous reputation. You see, the word ‘sedentary’ is not in Travis’ vocabulary, while sports are his all-consuming passion.

In all, Travis played five different sports during his three years at Channel Islands High. A linebacker, he was All-Pacific View League in football and a CIF-qualified at 171 pounds in wrestling. This spring, he was on the Raiders’ golf team and in previous years he competed in basketball and track.

“I would have gone out for tennis if I had the time,” said Travis, who rises at 5:30 am and begins most his mornings in the weight room. He also enjoys running on the beach and engaging in paintball battles with friends.

While he gets his patriotism from his father Jeffrey, Travis credits his mother, Christine Cole, a certified personal trainer for his energetic lifestyle. “She’s an outgoing, upbeat, happy and active person,” he said.

Classwork and the NROTC will keep Travis plenty busy, of course, but he still plans to compete in a sport – any sport – at LSU. “There’s no point in sitting around,” he said. “If they have a badminton team, I’ll do it.”

Travis plans to major in criminology and after serving at least four years in the Navy hopes for a career in either the United Sates Secret Service or Central Intelligence Agency. He leaves Channel Islands High with only great memories.

“There are students form several cultures here, but everyone kind of meshes,” he said. “It’s a cool place to go to school.”

From the perspective of the students and faculty, Principal Maricruz Hernandez said, the feeling is mutual.

“Travis is really outstanding and truly represents a Raider,” Hernandez said.

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