Mr. Edwards’ life journey

Edwards, headshot.
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From an All-American running back to a successful principal, Mr. James Edwards has done it all.

He was the principal at Oxnard High School for 9 years until he retired a year and a half ago. When Dr. Norman Sauce left CI at the end of the semester to take a job in Atlanta, Mr. Edwards was lured out of retirement. He agreed to work as an AP until a full-time replacement was found.

“Coming back to CI is like coming back home,” Mr. Edwards said.

He attended Santa Barbara High School and then moved on to junior college, where he became an All-American running back. Edwards received his Bachelor’s at Weber State University then he moved on to acquire his Masters at UCSB.

Edwards began teaching at Santa Barbara High School. He then became a guidance counselor in Carpenteria 1974 to 1987. He came to CIHS to become the Dean of Students from 1987 to 1992. After a five-yearstay here at CI he moved on to OHS to be a counselor from 1992 to 1998. Edwards then got the opportunity to work at CI once again, but this time as an Assistant Principal. After 3 years as an AP here at CI, he moved on to OHS to become the principal.

We all know him as Mr. Edwards, but he has an amazing nickname — Chocolate Thunder.

Edwards received this nickname after a failed attempt to dunk the ball at a faculty student basket ball game in 1987. As he jumped to dunk the ball, something went wrong, and he unfortunately did not land on his feet. He made a loud noise as he fell straight down to the floo, and so the name “Chocolate Thunder” stayed with him since.

Edwards likes both CI and OHS, but he states that we here at CI have a lot more technology in our class rooms than OHS. Although OHS has a bigger campus, Edwards thinks that we all have the same problems school-wise.

Mr. James Edwards has pretty much been everywhere on the globe. He has been to Italy, Vietnam, Russia, China, Egypt, Spain, England and Ireland.

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