Mock Trial is in Session!

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© Tiffany israel/OUHSD
© Tiffany israel/OUHSD

Frontier High is fielding it’s first ever Mock Trial team. Not only is it FHS’s first team, but we are the first continuation school to participate in county history. Making the team even more unique, the members represent five of OUHSD’s six comprehensive sites.The recruiting for the team began in August, with a parent/student meeting kicking off practices in September. Teacher/coaches, Lindsay Darby, Steve Gillespie and Kim Dallape, along with our lead attorney, DA Gilbert Romero and his team, Sandra Romero and Dominick Kardum, began instruction and practice in September.

Students were required to stay after school four hours a week through December, with some Saturdays, increasing to six hours a week beginning in January. They were also required to complete specific community service activities as part of the program. These included working at “The Day of the Child” in Camarillo, working at the Oxnard Christmas parade and gift wrapping the Ventura County Sheriffs “Share-It” program.

The team participated in three scrimmages with St. Bonaventure, Oxnard High and Trinity Pacific, as well as a practice session at the Court of Appeals.

As the months passed some members dropped out, leaving a team of 12. This has required eight of the members to have double roles for the competition. These students include:

  • Prosecution Pretrial and Defendant, Ryan Buschell: Brenda Lopez
  • Prosecution Team: Mia Bolante (also Defense Pretrial) and Celina Castillo
  • Defense Team: Jacob Razo and Nicole Bourdon
  • Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Shartsis: Alfredo Echeverria
  • Kai Mauer: Laura Martinez
  • Devin Lin and Baliff: Marisol Espinoza
  • Detective Shepard and A.G. Prout: Ashley Vergara
  • Sasha Fain: Jeanette Sanchez
  • Court Clerk: Charly Lopez
  • Court Reporter: Eric Zavala

The competition will be on Monday, February 27 and Tuesday, February 28 at the Ventura County Court building beginning at 5:00 pm each evening. There will be 30 teams participating from throughout the county from both public and private high schools. Let it be said that no matter how we place, we are exceptionally proud of our team. The commitment and responsibility they have shown has been phenomenal!

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