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Jamil "Jam" McGee

For Jamil “Jam” McGee, senior, wrestling isn’t just something entertaining to watch on television, it’s a fun hobby, and a possible career. Before relocating to California, McGee lived with her family in Florida where she would help around the ring, while her older brother wrestled. In 2009, when McGee was 15, she joined the WXW, World Xtreme Wrestling, under the training of Hall of Famer Afa “The Wild Samoan” Anoa’i. McGee also had the guidance of WWE Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “He would occasionally come by to help and give us pointers. He was really nice,” she reflected.McGee shared the aspects of wrestling that she had experienced and loved. She especially enjoyed the acting involved in wrestling.

“It’s really fun, the idea of getting into character,” she said. According to her, the physical part of wrestling is pretty difficult. Training included practicing Tae Bo, running, and plenty of drills. When she practiced, she would wrestle anyone, despite gender or age.

At age 15, she was the youngest person wrestling in that organization. The person closest to her age was her brother, at age 20. Her younger brother Bumpy McGee, freshman, would watch his sister wrestle.

“She was the best,” he smiled.

Her older brother, J Mcgee, was a wrestler, and around the ring he was called “Wolf.” McGee carried the stage name “Lace.” While wrestling, she would wear pieces of lace in her hair, gaining her that nickname. Her nickname is a signature to her character, like how a wrestler has a signature move or saying.

McGee and her family all enjoyed wrestling.

“We would all just sit down and watch it together,” said McGee.

McGee helped train a new recruit, Sarona Snuka. Snuka is now known as Tamina, a new wrestler on WWE. According to McGee, she had the chance herself to be part of the WWE, but high school was a priority. The two participated in a tournament together called the Elite 8.

When her family relocated due to her mother’s job, she took a break from wrestling to focus on her schoolwork. According to McGee, wrestling is a possible career choice for the future. Inspired by the acting that occurs while wrestling, acting is another option she might pursue. Enrolled in drama class, she also played a small role in the Cam High production of Macbeth. According to Chelsea Marshall, junior, the drama class was surprised and amazed by McGee’s story. McGee promised some of the students to bring in a tape of her wrestling to show the class.

Marshall, who also starred in the play, commented, “It’s crazy because Jam’s really sweet, but I could totally see her body slamming someone in the ring!”

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