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Dancing Through Life

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Alex Carranza
Some people are talented at playing a musical instrument, while some people are skilled at sports. Alex Carranza, junior, dedicates approximately 12 hours per week to dancing.

“I’ve been in The Nutcracker and right now I’m gearing up for about five auditions in the next few weeks for summer intensives,” said Carranza. For three weeks training, she will be traveling to places such as New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta all depending on where she gets accepted.

Carranza began dancing when she was seven years old, but grew a genuine passion and appreciation for it at the age of 11. Carranza started out going to a dance studio called CAPA, which stands for Camarillo Academy of Performing Arts, and a year later began attending Ballet Arts located in Westlake. Carranza is also part of the Conejo Valley Ballet Company.

When it comes to the social aspect of dance, Carranza enjoys spending time with friends while doing something she loves to do. “I’ve met so many friends through dance,” she said. “It’s great meeting people with the same passion as you. You meet very cool people too. I have a lot of Russian friends who train with the Bolsha Ballet in Russia from The Nutcracker.”

Dancers are able to choose from a variety of music that they can to dance to. If Carranza had to pick only a couple choices she would prefer modern, jazz and pointe. “I’m a modern, jazz dancer and a pointe dancer,” she said. Whatever inspires me at the time is what I’ll dance to. Lately, it’s been a lot of Radiohead and Grouplove.”

Carranza is a part of the dance team at Cam High and performs in front of an audience of students once every one to two months. Dustin Fujikawa, senior, commented on her dancing talent. Fujikawa said, “Alexis has such a graceful way of holding herself and it’s as if she’s flying. She has a smile on her face the whole time, making it look almost effortless.” Fujikawa, along with many other observers, would agree that Alexis Carranza has the talent and potential that should not be ignored or taken for granted and may even end up in the media someday.

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