CI’s Fernando Hernandez sparks Raiders in soccer

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© Alejandra Juarez/Isle File Newspaper
Fernando Hernandez and the boys’ soccer team are in the quarterfinals of the CIF playoffs. © Alejandra Juarez/Isle File Newspaper
Fernando Hernandez, a senior here at Channel Islands High, takes the field as one of the forwards and captains for CI’s varsity soccer team, the Pacific View League Champs of 2012 with the record of 14-2-5.

“CIF is still on the line; I believe the unity and the respect we have for each other carried us into believing that we could come this far,” said Hernandez. “Dedication, teamwork, staying focused, and not letting each other down are some of our strategies to win.”

The Raiders were playing at Lancaster on Thursday in the CIF quarterfinals.

They advanced by beating Lancaster 3-0 and Norte Vista 3-0. Hernandez scored two goals in the win over Lancaster, both on assists from Ricardo Blancas.

As the team goes off to CIF, the players are excited to give all they’ve got to win, but they know that they have to work harder.

“He (Hernandez) has matured a lot; he’s taking the team on his shoulders,” head coach Mr. Rogelio Juarez said. “He’s also taking the captain position very seriously and leading the team to success.”

Co-captain Cristian Lambaren has played soccer with Hernandez since middle school.

“He’s a nice guy, polite, respectful and ambitious,” says Lambaren. “He’s dependent and responsible, and there’s an unlimited amount of confidence on him.”

Hernandez was born Nov. 11, 1993, in Michoacán, Mexico. He is the oldest child and has two younger sisters. He started playing soccer at the age of 5.

After high school he hopes to go to Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.

“I hope things work out and I hope I can start my future plans in academics,” he said. “And in soccer, the sport I love.”

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