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Cam High Marching Goes to Champs… Twice

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Like every year, Cam High’s marching band has had the opportunity to showcase their talent and skill to different schools and competitions. Marching band competitions are events where high school marching bands are able to perform their music in choreographed marches, and many of these performances will include themes or interpretations of the music chosen by each competing school.

Each competitor will be judged in fields of technique, musical score, GE (General Effect) score, visual score, etc. During the bus ride before each competition, the marching band prepare themselves for the upcoming show by vocally singing each part assigned to them based off the instrument they play.

The band stays in tune and in beat with the song or songs they are going to perform for their upcoming event. Carlos Rodriguez, senior, is the drum major this year who prepares the performers through this practice. “Every time we go out we strive for evermore perfection,” said Rodriguez.
The band has shown great improvement this year compared to years before since they have scored high on each of the competitions they have attended. Competing with schools like Royal, Arroyo, and Pacifica, they’ve placed third in SCSBOA (Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association) Field Championships scoring as high as 154 on visual score and 249 on GE score as opposed to other schools which scored lower.

“We’ve gotten first in every competition except for one where we got second,” said Ben Lee, junior. Lee is the drum captain for the drum line this year. Lee feels that they have been doing very well. “It’s been really good compared to last year,” said Lee.

John Stava, Band Teacher, even noted that all the students have been working hard and they show dedication. “Outside of class time, we work a minimum of six hours a week, we’ve been working on that since the first of August,” said Stava. Stava shows much confidence and dedication towards his students. “I’ve never been too big on titles, I’m just the guy that gets stuff done,” said Stava.

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