Cam High Donates Over 200 Pints During Blood Drive

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According to Cam High’s nurse, Mrs. Mary Harris, Cam High’s annual fall blood drive, was “a big success.”

The event, which took place on November 30th through December 1st, was organized by the United Blood Services. Between 130 and 160 students donated this year as opposed to around the 110 people who participated last year.

Around 227 pints of blood were donated this season, a whole fifteen pints more than last year’s donations, some of the pints consisting of platelets and some consisting of pure blood. Students donated blood in the cafeteria over the course of two days, an area which is much more inviting than the previous grounds in which the blood drive took place years ago in the school. Students used to have to donate blood in the drama room, which was very dark and uninviting for many of the students who were nervous to participate.

Mr. Chris Quinn, teacher, helped organize the event with Cam High and the United Blood Services. When asked about whether or not he felt that the blood drive was a success, he said, “Yes, I even approached McDonalds and asked them to sponsor the event and they offered to any student who donated, a free sandwich coupon of their choice, which includes the Angus Chipotle BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger.” Students who donated blood were also given snacks and drinks in order to keep the student’s blood sugar high so that they do not pass out from the process.

The next blood drive will take place is in the spring. The requirements needed in order to be able to donate blood you must be at least sixteen years old; you must weigh more than 130 pounds, and must be at least five feet tall.

Quinn would like to send a message to all athletes who wish to participate in future drives. “Athletes, please ask your coach before participating in the blood drive during your season.” This is in order to avoid conflicting schedules.

“With more and more students becoming sixteen later in the year, the upcoming spring blood drive will have just as much if not more students participating,” said Nurse Harris.

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