Cam High Cheer Goes to Nationals

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The atmosphere was electric; the deafening thunder of applause bouncing off of every surface, echoing into the ears of the performers radiating with pride and spirit. The show is over, but the confidence lingers with the tangible goal of victory dancing tantalizingly across the floor, begging to be snatched up and displayed. This is competition. This is cheerleading.

The Cam High varsity cheerleaders took first place for the Fight Song in Nationals on March 27st. Only one other team joined them in the fight song category, which made it all the more easy to claim victory.

“There were six others, but they all dropped,” explained Aimee Edgell, senior, captain of the team. Novice Showtime, which they also competed in, featured 16 performing teams.

Before they competed, the team went about their normal routine of stretching and practicing their performance. Becca Chanes, sophomore, explained the importance of perfecting every move before performing under the critical eyes of the judges. Chanes was unable to attend the competition due to scheduling issues. Once they were called to the mat, it was show time.

“It was nerve-wracking,” laughed Edgell. Not everyone was quite so nervous going into the performance, though.

“It was beyond exciting!” commented Julia Lopez, junior, and co-captain. “The feeling when they first called our team’s name, all of our hearts started racing and our smiles exploded! When we ran on that mat, everyone’s personalities and excitement jumped out, and as we ran off the mat you could see all the girls’ faces were so happy and proud.”

“The girls know what they’re doing,” smiled Edgell. She was confident walking off the mat after their performance, and hoped that all of the girls tried their best.

After competing, Edgell and Lopez agreed that they enjoyed watching other teams perform. They believe that it is a good experience to watch how other teams work and perform, and learn.

The team also took second place in the time out dance, and third place in time out cheer.

“I was so glad all our hard work paid off,” said Lopez.

Though the season is over, and there are no more competitions this year, the girls will always have the memories of fun and accomplishment from this year.

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