ACHS student body president reflects on past year

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McKeghan Tackett

Camarillo teen McKeghan Tackett understands that high school hallways have long been dotted with social land mines —such as cliques and bullying— that can make any misstep a dangerous one.

As student body president at Adolfo Camarillo High School, McKeghan has made it a priority to make life easier for his classmates and to create awareness on campus about the dangers of teen bullying, whether it’s physical, emotional or cyber.

“(Bullying) is a really big subject, not just for high school but around the world,” McKeghan said. “Bullying is a bad part of the world, and we need to open people’s eyes to it. And high school is important because that’s when you’re maturing, and it’s the perfect time in your life to start learning about new ways.”

An emphasis on bullying prevention is just one of the accomplishments McKeghan is proud of as he refl ects on his year as ASB leader.

The 17- year-old said the beginning of — the school year was hectic, with rallies, football games, spirit days, a fashion show and homecoming.

Managing his time with his busy calendar was one of the first lessons he learned as student president, McKeghan said. It was also difficult sometimes to be the one in charge of his peers, he said.

“I’m mostly everyone’s friend in the (ASB) class, and to go from a friend figure to an authority figure is pretty tough, but I have good friends who listen to me.”

McKeghan said he will miss his family and friends at ACHS but looks forward to attending Boise State in the fall. He plans to major in business management and, after graduating, to work in the front office of a professional sports team. He said he will enjoy the hot summers and looks forward to the cold winters for snowboarding.

Boise State has established itself as one of the top football programs in the country, he said, and he looks forward to donning the school’s blue and orange colors to show his school spirit.

“The whole town shuts down for the games, and it’s a big community thing, and everyone in the state always wears Boise colors,” McKeghan said.

ASB adviser Julie Riedmiller said McKeghan has done an excellent job leading one of the largest ASB classes in the high school’s history. There were 88 student leaders during the fall semester and 65 in the spring.

“He’s a great leader and a good motivator, and he brings (the students’) ideas to life,” Riedmiller said.

McKeghan is a member of TEENS Club (Teenage Endeavors Elevating Neighboring Students), which helps students on campus who have financial need.

Principal Glenn Lipman said he will miss McKeghan after graduation because he’s known the Tackett family for Julie Riedmiller a long time

ASB adviser through the high school.

McKeghan’s grandfather, Terry Tackett, served as the dean of students, assistant principal and principal at ACHS in the 1980s and ’90s.

“(McKeghan) makes his grandpa proud, and I’m sure his family proud,” Lipman said. “He has provided very strong leadership to the school and the senior class and is academically minded. I really respect him, and he’s been an outstanding president, and he’s going to be very successful in the future.”

McKeghan lives in Camarillo with his parents, Wendy and Jeff Tackett, and has three siblings: Katie, 22; Chase, 19; and Jake, 14.

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