Richard Kennedy: Certificated Employee of the Year

Richard Kennedy, headshot.

Certificated Employees of the Year: David Seidler, Adolfo Camarillo High School Brett Zielsdorf, Channel Islands High School Ruth Fenske, Frontier High School Suzanne Shannon, Hueneme High School Christine Chevalier, Oxnard High School Robert Edison, Pacifica High School Richard Kennedy, Rio Mesa High School, Certificated Employee of the Year Blanca Gil, Oxnard Adult School

Douglas Campbell: Classified Employee of the Year

Douglas Campbell, headshot.

Classified Employees of the Year: Rochelle Sullivan, Adolfo Camarillo High School Bradley Gibbs, Channel Islands High School Donna McNair, Frontier High School Dolores Raymond, Hueneme High School Nannette Vasquez, Oxnard High School Taryn Marant, Pacifica High School Sally Anderson, Rio Mesa High School Graciela Zizumbo, Oxnard Adult School Douglas Campbell, District Office, Classified Employee of […]

Catherine Breshears: 2012 Paraeducator of the Year

Breshears Catherine, headshot.

Paraeducator Employees of the Year: Christine Smith, Adolfo Camarillo High School Carlos Morales, Channel Islands High School Paulette Emard, Frontier High School Tamara Barber, Hueneme High School Catherine Breshears, Oxnard High School, Paraeducator Employee of the Year Glenna Bachmeier ,Pacifica High School Margaret Garcia, Rio Mesa High School

Rio Mesa Drum Major invited to participate in London Day Parade

Smiling boy Tobey, headshot.

Justin was invited by the All-American Drum Majors Association to participate in the London Day Parade on New Year’s Day in London, England. This is his second year invitation that he was been invited to participate, and he attended last year as well. This invitation is based on performance and leadership skills that he has […]

Oxnard alum, professional boxer tells students to stay positive

Boy signs his posters.

Life — with its knockout punches and unexpected blows — is a lot like boxing. That’s what professional boxer and Oxnard High School graduate Hugo Centeno Jr. told students when he returned to the campus Tuesday morning to encourage them to keep fighting for their dreams. “Don’t let anyone push you down or tell you […]