Wrout, Armstrong will share room at Cornell

Tanner Wrout, headshot.

For Rio Mesa High senior Tanner Wrout, turning down an Ivy League education would be unequivocally “dumb.” “If you have a chance to get a high-quality education at a great school, it’s probably a dumb decision not to accept it,” he said. Wrout isn’t prone to dumb choices, as evidenced by his 4.12 grade point […]

From the desk of Dr. Soumakian: What do Great Teams do at Halftime?

Dr. Soumakian.

In a typical game that has a built in halftime, the team trots off to the locker room while the coach is pulled away from a TV Analyst who prompts the coach by asking, “Coach, recapping the first half, what do you attribute your success to and what adjustments will your team make at halftime.” […]