Water Polo the Scorpion Way

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Waking up at the crack of dawn every morning and practicing three times a day was how the Cam High water polo team geared up for the new season this year. There are many new up-and-coming stars on the team, and they are focused on making this season one that they will never forget.

“We just like to have fun, but when it’s game time, there’s no stopping us,” said Tyler Williams, sophomore.

Tanner Clezie, junior, is the new team captain of the 2011 water polo team at Cam High. He started playing water polo his freshman year.

Clezie went to summer practices and after try-outs he got the news that he made varsity as a freshman. Two years later, he’s the team captain and he starts at point, which is a position in Water Polo.

“There’s a lot of responsibility being the captain of the team, but it’s cool because I have a lot of power over everyone” said Clezie.

Clezie makes sure the team communicates with each other because he believes that communication is a necessity for the team.

“To prepare for games we all get together and sing songs like Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys or Lion King songs” said Clezie. With a “more developed” team than last year Clezie and the rest of the team have their hopes on making it all the way to CIF this year.

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