Take Down!

Wrestling club is posing for photo.
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© El Espartano Yearbook Staff
2010- 2011 Wrestling team © El Espartano Yearbook Staff
Some attributes of an elite wrestle rare that they must have the strength of a body builder, cardio of a cross country runner, and brains of a chess grandmaster. This is aseason wrap-up about Rio Mesa Spartan Wrestlers during winter 2010-2011 on how they had a greatseason.

Despite through cutting weight, not eating, intense practices, giving up your weekends for tournaments, and injuries, the Rio Mesa Spartans managed to have eight Spartans in the Pacific View League Finals out of 14 weight classes. Five of them became Pacific View League Champions. They were Draven Ontiveros, Darrin Salazar, Josef Ramirez, Ramon Martinez, and Marcus Anquiano. That just showed that the returning varsity was filled with talent.

During dual meets some did not make weight, were injured or sick so that had a major impact as a team. Although the Spartans fell short to repeat being Pacific View League Champions, they did much better as individuals this year compared to last year. Eight Spartans managed to reach CIF-SS Coastal Divisions which was hosted at Pacifica High School. Ramon Martinez reached sixth place and will be analternate. Darrin Salazar took fifth place and advanced to CIF Masters Section in Temecula. In that tournament he took ninth place and qualified to go to CIF State Championships.

Marcus Anquiano’s most memorable moment is when he took fourth in the Asics tournament out of fifty-six teams. That gave him a boost that he could match up in the varsity tournaments.

Josef Ramirez describes his wrestling experience by saying “the wrestling team made me who I am today and I know that it was a blessing.”

Darrin Salazar’s favorite thing about wrestling is staying in the hotels with the team and leaving at midnight just to go to In N Out while coach is asleep.

When I asked Jesus Ontiveros, how wrestling has affected his life? He stated that, “Wrestling affected my life very much. It helped me grow out of my shell and made me less shy with everyone around me. I was a little fatty before I got into wrestling and it made me lose it all and gave me some muscle. It also made me mature very much since I was an immature freshman and wrestling really made me more independent and I do not like having to depend on anyone to do stuff for me. I loved wrestling so much and I loved the intensity of it all.”

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