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Student helps Cam High go green

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The Environmental Club at Camarillo High School began a paper recycling program earlier this year on the Camarillo campus. Students and school staff members have worked together to make the recycling program not only beneficial to the planet but also as a small money maker for the newly started club. Members include, front row from left, Ana Garcia, Mary Ramos, Stephanie Garcia, Evelynn Garcia and Vivian Garcia. Those in the back row are Roger Pichardo, Lori McVicker, Elizabeth McVicker, Christine Bruggman, Dalena Motts, Glenn Lipman and Susan Thee. © Acorn Newspapers
Environmentally conscious Adolfo Camarillo High School 2010 graduating senior, Stephanie Garcia noticed that the school was recycling cans and bottles but not paper. Although shy, Stephanie was determined and set a goal to recycle paper as well as to educate fellow students of their impact on the environment.

Initially underestimating the amount of work involved, Stephanie set out to accomplish her task. She started the program on a small scale by placing 32-gallon bins in four campus wings and placing cardboard bins in classrooms. During this process, she met with Principal Glen Lipman, who advised her to seek help from one of the school’s science instructors, Susan Thee. Additionally, Stephanie contacted City of Camarillo‘s recycling coordinator Roger Pichardo, providing him with her recycling program ideas. From these efforts, the school’s Environmental Club was created with Ms. Thee serving as the advisor.

Parent Lori McVicker, who has a daughter attending the school, helped Stephanie connect with RSI Shredding Inc. (RSI), which provides free collection containers, pickup and delivery of paper to a recycling facility and secure onsite shredding. RSI, via the Environmental Club, pays the school $20 per ton of recycled paper. The collected proceeds may be used to fund environmental activities.

Although she graduated in June 2010, Stephanie’s vision is to see the program expand to cover the entire campus and to remain in place years into the future.

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